Earth Genasi 5e – Creatures Of The Material Plane

The free 5E supplemental book Elemental Evil Player’s Companion introduces the Genasi. These beings result from accidents during birth, such as when an organism absorbs the energy of the elements.  Alternatively, a Genie may fall in love with a human. Though the material planes cross over with elemental worlds more frequently than most mortals realize, the latter is generally more probable. Earth Genasi 5e often resemble the mortal they are born to in size and overall form, and they are unlikely ever to meet their Genie family members.

A Fire Genasi possesses red skin and sometimes scorching hair, whereas with an Earth genasi 5e, the skin may be cracked & brown like dirt. Nevertheless, they often share many traits with that parent. Indeed, Genasi are seldom adored; sometimes, the mortal parents might not want them. As a result, Earth Genasi 5e is forced to stray and search for the Genie side.

Earth Genasi 5e

Earth Genasi 5e race in dnd races

Although the Genasi might come from a wide variety of planes, they can be divided into four groups based on statistics: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

The evil that flows through the veins of Earth Genasi in Earth genasi 5e doesn’t make them undesirable. They are determined and deliberate before doing without thinking first. They could have the skin of a metallic substance or be attracted to dust or stones.

  • +1 Strength: Strength is helpful in a few specific circumstances. Since Strength is mainly useful for melee strikes, a seldom-used Save, and carrying capacity, Dexterity often outshines it. On the other hand, Strength is excellent for any melee character who isn’t a rogue since melee Strength compositions hit incredibly hard.
  • The Earth Walk: expertise exclusive to a particular field. This ability requires several questions to be answered before it can be utilized, such as: Does this debris count as a stone? Although these earthen fissures have magical qualities, they are still strictly considered earth. If so, this power sometimes allows you to travel through some regions of terrain at twice or four times your average pace. Which, although good, won’t be brought up often.
  • Combine with Stone.

The attribute’s name doesn’t make much sense for this spell, but it’s fantastic how it gives your whole party a +10 on stealth rolls. It will be easy to get you where you need to go unnoticed. This is particularly beneficial for a species that will wear heavy armor.

Classes for Earth Genasi 5e

The guidelines from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything’s “Customizing Your Origin” option are assumed to be used in this section. If you need to follow those guidelines, go to the selection below about Earth genasi 5e.

Adding Pass Without Trace makes you almost unbeatable. Artificer Armorer artificers were already quite well adapted to stealth. Other artificers will appreciate being able to cast Blade Ward as a bonus action, particularly those who start with 8 Dexterity and must cringe their way through levels 1 and 2 to get proficiency with heavy armor from your subclass.

1. Barbarian

While raged, spells cannot be performed, and even if they could, Blade Ward offers the same damage mitigation as rage. Although having the Strength of a barbarian, it is usually possible to leap over obstacles rather than having to navigate challenging terrain. Darkvision and Pass Without Trace are just insufficient after that.

Blade Ward is a good defense for a character with d8 hit points and weak armor in Earth genasi 5e, but some people play melee bards (I know, I was shocked to find this, too). Bard Bards typically shouldn’t be drawing enough to require Blade Ward.

Cleric Although clerics may have heavy armor, their d8 hit points still appear meager compared to classes like the Fighter. They also lack access to Blade Ward and Pass Without Trace. Additionally, clerics often lack the Strength to compete with martial courses, making it more difficult for them to hop over challenging terrain, which is why Earth Walk is functional. For the Cleric, almost every attribute of the Earth genasi 5e is cumulative.

2. Druid

Blade Ward seems alluring since druids are thought to be weaker than clerics. It’s not enough to rescue you, however, since it happens just a few times daily. As of right now, clerics may cast Pass Without Trace. Fight from a distance, transform into a bird, or do something else if rough terrain is an issue.

3. Fighter

The Eldritch Knight is your finest fighting choice since he has spell slots to recast your natural spells. While Pass Without Trace is not accessible to Eldritch Knights, Blade Ward is. Agility should be the foundation of your strategy if you want to be sneaky. Blade Ward may already be used as a Bonus Action a few times each day, but War Magic enables you to use it every round at the expense of most of your attacks. Nevertheless, the effect seems thematically fitting for an Earth genasi 5e.

Monk Pass Without Trace, Darkvision, and Earth Walk are all beautiful abilities, but the Earth genasi 5e attributes are only somewhat helpful without a method to recast Pass Without Trace. Patient Defense makes even Blade Ward seem unnecessary.

4. Paladin

To benefit from Pass Without Trace, an Earth genasi 5e paladin should prioritize Dexterity, much like the Fighter. It’s not a significant loss, but you don’t get the excellent War Magic combination. Already, paladins are highly resilient.

Although rangers mainly rely on their different actions, employing Ranger Blade Ward will often significantly decrease your damage output for that round. Ranger Blade Ward gives some beneficial durability. The Ranger already has the spell Pass Without Trace, which you get at the same level. The additional spell slot and magic knowledge are excellent but could be more helpful.

Blade Ward is a problematic concept for Rogue Rogues in Earth genasi 5e as they heavily depend on their Bonus Action for Steady Aim, Cunning Action, and Two-Weapon Fighting. The excellent Pass Without Trace is just insufficient.

5. Sorcerer

Sorcerers shouldn’t require Blade Ward under any circumstances. Learn Shield if you’re concerned. The inclusion of Pass Without Trace is excellent, but it is insufficient.


Since Genasi is solitary, this may be problematic for the odd-appearing Genasi. The Genasi are despised despite their potential and superior endurance. As Lizardfolk & Gnomes can readily hide the oddity of Genasi, many Genasi migrate to bigger cities. On the border, though, Earth genasi 5e needs help locating a residence that will accommodate them. A Fire Genasi could reside near a partially active volcano or close to the western parts of Faerun to find a lovely, remote location most connected to their plane of origin.



Q1: Does the Earth genasi 5e need sleep?

A: Outsider (Native): Earth genasi 5e were creatures of the Material Plane and needed food, water, and rest, much like other animals. As usual, they may be reared, resurrected, and reincarnated.

Q2:Is Genasi lacking in Strength?

A: The Genasi were a weak race before, but now they have a well-balanced race thanks to Mordenkainen’s Monsters of something like the Multiverse!

Q3.What are the capabilities of Earth genasi 5e?

A: Earth genasi 5e have an advantage over other Genasi in that they can travel through challenging terrain composed of stone and earth without needing additional movement, perform Pass Without Traces once each day without consuming material components, and are often stronger.

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