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The Air Genasi is a playable race in the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons. They are descended from the djinn and possess physical traits that reflect their elemental heritage.

There are several distinct fantasy playable races available in Dungeons & Dragons, including elves, dwarves, and halflings. However, players frequently become fixated on these more recognizable races and neglect to take into account the game’s less common options.

As an Air Genasi, you are an unusual and fascinating character who can provide a unique perspective on the world around you. You have a natural affinity for the wind and are able to manipulate it in ways that few others can. Use your abilities wisely, and you will find that you are a powerful force to be reckoned with on the battlefield

Genasi 5e race in dnd races

Air Genasi 5e

For races included in the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, a free Fifth Edition expansion that many players might not have even heard of, this is even more true. Numerous additional options for players were available in the Player’s Companion, all of which were connected to the events in the Princes of the Apocalypse module. One of these options is the Genasi.

Air genasi 5e (5th edition) race in dnd races

Who is Genasi? A little brief

Given that they are the hybrid children of outsiders who are not indigenous to the realms of mortals, Genasi has a taste akin to that of Aasimar or Tieflings. Genasi derives their ancestry from elementals and genies, primal spirits that represent the natural world, rather than from angels or demons. Most of their appearance is humanoid, although they frequently display characteristics of their bloodline, such as brilliant red skin or flowing water for hair. It depends on the specific Genasi and their subrace, which may be linked to the forces of fire. water, earth, or air.

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The Character paying as Genasi

Whether a character is a Druid, Ranger, or even a Sorcerer, playing the role of a Genasi is ideal for people who prefer to concentrate on a strong connection to the ordinary world. Sorcerers derive their strength from their ancestry or lineage, which can mesh particularly nicely with the Genasi’s elemental-inspired abilities. A sorcerous origin that corresponds with one of the four foundations can be found by players who are willing to delve into Unearthed Arcana.

The Versatility Spell of Air Genasi

Depending on their part of the subrace, Genasi has unique mechanical characteristics that might enable them to specialize in certain fields. Levitate, a spell that Air Genasi can use to increase their mobility and adaptability is available to them. They receive +2 Constitution, the same as other Genasi, but they also receive one plus Dexterity. That improves ability scores for any session and works particularly effectively for rogues.

Create or Destroy Water spell

The Create or Destroy Water spell, a natural swimming rapidity of thirty feet, and resistance to acid damage are all benefits for Water Genasi. No class benefits most from Destroy or can Create Water, but a wide range of modules, from Rangers to Druids to Monks, can take advantage of the subrace’s +1 wisdom. The Pass Without Trace magic and the capacity to disregard challenging topography made of stone or earth are provided by Earth Genasi, who complete the quartet.

The Customizing option

If a Dungeon Master uses the Modifying Your Source choice from Cauldron of Tasha to Everything. It allows players to freely allocate ability score increments, all these recommendations can be changed and rewritten. Finding a construct that inspires enthusiasm is important, whether it be a Druid guarding the river that gave them life or a rogue adept at navigating the desert’s dunes.


Genasi, like additional races, works to develop the stories that can be told in the game. Genasi can be considered outsiders who are more a part of the world than others who would avoid them. In Fifth Edition, choosing a race is like choosing a particular device for a piece of music. Genasi will not be able to work for some fragments, but it might be the ideal choice for others.


here are some frequently asked questions about Air Genasi in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with their respective answers:

Q: What is an Air Genasi?

A: An Air Genasi is a race of humanoid beings in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, descended from the djinn and possessing physical traits that reflect their elemental heritage.

Q: What abilities does Air Genasi have?

A: Air Genasi have the following abilities: an increase in Constitution and Dexterity scores, Unending Breath which allows them to hold their breath indefinitely, Mingle with the Wind which allows them to cast the Levitate spell, Lightning Resistance, and proficiency in Common and Primordial languages.

Q: What is the Levitate spell that Air Genasi can cast?

A: Levitate is a 2nd-level spell that allows the caster to target a creature or object and make it float in mid-air, up to a certain weight limit. The caster can also control the height and movement of the floating object or creature.

Q: How does Mingle with the Wind work?

A: Mingle with the Wind is an ability that allows the Air Genasi to cast the Levitate spell once, without the need for material components. The caster can use this ability once per long rest.

Q: What does Lightning Resistance mean?

A: Lightning Resistance means that the Air Genasi has resistance to lightning damage. This means that when they take lightning damage, they only take half of the damage they would normally take.

Q: Can Air Genasi fly?

A: No, Air Genasi do not have the ability to fly as part of their racial traits. However, they do have the Levitate spell which allows them to float in mid-air for a limited time.

Q: What classes are best suited for Air Genasi?

A: Air Genasi is well-suited for classes that rely on mobility and dexterity, such as Rogue, Monk, or Ranger. They can also make good casters with their ability to cast the Levitate spell.

Q: What is the backstory of Air Genasi?

A: Air Genasi are descended from djinn, elemental beings of air. They are often born to humans or other humanoids who have made pacts with these powerful beings. Air Genasi are rare, and many are born to families who do not understand or appreciate their unique abilities. Some Air Genasi choose to use their powers for good, while others turn to a life of crime or self-interest.

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