Changeling 5e Guide – Abilities and History

Changeling 5e race: Role-playing games are not something that was invented in recent times of advanced technology. They have been among us for a long time when we view the past decades. One such game is Dungeons and Dragons which was first introduced in the year 1974. Since then it has become a celebrated game that consists of role-playing.

The D&D game uses the imagination of the players and hence can involve any kind of story the players want. It is overall a very interesting game that is widely different from any other games we play. This is the reason why DnD made an ever-lasting impression in the hearts of people.

changeling 5e race in dnd races

Changeling 5e

There are many dnd races that the players can assume in dungeons and Dragons. One among them is the changeling known for its shapeshifting abilities. If you want to know more about changeling the 5e race, then please go ahead and read the article completely.

In the third, fourth, and fifth editions of Dungeons and Dragons, a player can choose to be a changeling. When you play the Eberron Campaign Setting, then you will find that changelings are exclusively present in that setting. These changelings are believed to be distant relatives of doppelgangers.

Changeling race

There is also a belief that their abilities were gifted to them by a traveler in order to save their lives. As their name suggests, the changeling can shift their shapes just by thinking about what they want to change into. They develop whole new personalities when they change their shape. That is the reason why the changeling 5e race is viewed with suspicion. Due to their powers, they can mingle in any crowd they want and can be involved in espionage, arts, and diplomacy.

  • Ability Score Increase; Dexterity score increases by 2 & Constitution score increases by 1.
  • Age: Changelings reach maturity within the 15th year of life & can reach ages of 70 to 90 years under good circumstances.
  • Size: Changelings vary between 5 to 6 feet tall usually.  size is Medium.
  • Speed:  base walking speed is 30 feet.


Although changelings are mistrusted by others, they have three main philosophies to adhere to. These philosophies will guide them when shifting shapes and leading their regular lives. The first of three is the “Passers” where a changeling will try to maintain a single form throughout its life.

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This kind of changeling will try to repress the ability to shift shapes. The second one is the “Becomers” where a changeling believes that it should make use of its ability and live in many forms. The final kind is known as the “seekers” where a changeling firmly thinks that there is an eternal truth that can be found only by the changeling.

This kind also tries to conquer its ability of shapeshifting even more than the passers. You can assume any one of these three forms when you play as a changeling 5e race.

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Classical Traits

If you want to play as a changeling 5e race in Dungeons and Dragons, it is best to know about some traits associated with it. You can choose any one ability score to increase by one. Also, there is a two-point increase in charisma score. Changelings tend towards neutrality and only a few tend towards negative traits.

You will acquire 30 feet of walking speed and will be of medium size. Another important point to remember is that you can only shift the shape into something that you have seen before. It is a great experience to play as a changeling 5e race in dnd and we hope you have a great time!

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