Plasmoid 5e (5th edition) – A Ooze race in DND Race

In spelljammer, the wizards of coasts are blessed with many fun options. The new race that is highly interesting for players in the Ooze race is known as plasmoids. Plasmoid 5e are the hallmarks of ooze, consisting of the amorphous nature. If you want to know how this new race enters the DND campaign, you should read the complete article with all the facts below.

Plasmoid 5e

Plasmoids are ooze creatures that exist in the wild space depth. These creatures mold amorphous bodies into several shapes, making them humanoids. They are a unique character race, as not many effects and spells are target oozes. The Plasmoid 5e is combined with the ability to squeeze by small holes, hold their breath, and shape their bodies can result in different playstyles. as well as you can read the all dnd races in the dungeons and dragons game.

Plasmoid 5e (5th edition) race in dnd races

A way to play the plasmoid 5e

Unfortunately, the homogenizing nature of the new race in DND is that it loses the flavors. But the major problem is that the book provides no support while playing the plasmoid.

Roleplaying as plasmoid

Due to the lack of iore, there is less information on the origin and history of the plasmoid race. This provides the blank slate to roleplay in terms of background. Well said, you can get some choices in terms of nature. It will be fun to focus straight on amoeba-like traits of Plasmoid 5e that consist the

  • Uncomfortably, slowly consuming food via osmosis
  • Gather the mundane objects stuck
  • Take the rock or puddle form during sleep
  • Being able to gather the breather for long term

Plasmoid names

The adventure in space in spellajmmer does not give the name suggestions on a plasmoid. Unfortunately, this is the departure from previous additions as harengon from witchlight.

Even though this race is considered in the new version, 5th of DND, there are still no suggestions on Plasmoid 5e names, so they are pulled from the previous versions. If you want name suggestions, you can use the name generator that offers you various options under the type of gibberish you think in sci-fi settings.


Plasmoid 5e is another new race in spelljammer in adventure in space. This may be cool for all, but some people take the plasmoid as cake. They love the ability of plasmoids to be amorphous. There were also some strange and fun playing opportunities when we talked about the absorbing process of things and taking different forms.

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Q1. What is the creature type of plasmoid 5e

  • The creature type of plasmoid is ooze, which normally targets humanoids. It can permit the plasmoids to avoid the spell effects.

Q2. What is the capacity of a plasmoid to breathe for hold?

  • The plasmoid can hold the breath for 1 hour. One hour is not much time if you are involved in an underwater adventure, but this trait will be used in different situations.

Q3. What is the size of plasmoid 5e

  • The size of plasmoid 5e is small and medium. You select the size when you choose this new race in DND. This plasmoid size permits you to fine-tune your build. Small sizes may also fit the plasmoid.

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