Thri kreen 5e – Two sets of arms and insectile featured

Are you looking for the most interesting new race in adventure space? If yes, then the Thri kreen is the best fit for you. Thri kreen is a new race offered by adventure in space.

Earlier, the Thri kreen is around the 1E, but with the addition of a spell jammer, it comes in the form of a surprise for players. If you want to gain depth information about the Thri kreen, you should read the guide on Thri kreen 5e, to clearly understand this new playable race.

Thri Kreen 5e

The new race provided in spelljammer in the adventure of space in thri kreen. The best thing is that this new race is familiar to most players.  After the addition of spelljammer, the bug-like race is commonly linked to various other settings. Well said, thri kreen is a fun fit for a space campaign of swashbuckling.

The thri kreen 5e is not new in DND as much as the astral elves and plasmoids. The Thri kreen are available from past time in 1st edition, often exists in far flung parts only. as well as you can read the Kender 5e race in dnd races.

Thri-kreen 5e race in dnd races

The thri kreen are different from others due to their two set of insectile and arm features. The new race, the thri kreen 5e, has been able to change the carapace color with the blend from the surroundings. They do not require sleep. Instead of permanent sleep, they depend on inactivity for a short period to activate again with the same energy.

Additionally, the thri kreen are unable to speak. So, the thri kreen communicate by clicking their mandible and waving their antennae.

It is difficult for the non thri kreen to understand this type of communication. Only thri kreen can speak by this communication method.

Building the Thri kreen 5e

Every new race, thri kreen in adventure in space takes the new ways to ability score bonuses. Rather than coding the bonus to particular areas, wizards of the coast have adopted a new way that provides the chances of an ability bonus.

This way permits you to pay the thri kreen, without worry about the inability of character optimization. It is only considered the spelljammer option that permits you to place it as a monstrosity.

Ability scores

There are two options that permit one to be involved in character creation. The right choice depends on you. One option available to you is to provide a +1 bonus to others and+2 a bonus to one ability.

For instance, if you want to go for transmission wizard, you may take the +1 to dexterity and +2 to intelligence. You may also take the +1 bonus to a different type of three abilities.


It is true that the thri kreen 5e are unable to speak in any unusual language, but it does not mean they can not understand. While creating the thri kreen character, you should know the common along with the second language selected by you.

On the other hand, if you can not speak it, you must have the ability to communicate through these languages to willing creatures with the help of a limited form of telepathy.

Traits of Thri kreen 5e

In this section, we are going to tell you about the different traits of thri kreen 5e.


Creature type

Thri kree is the monstrosity of their creatures.



The life spane of thri kreen 5e is up to 100 years.



They are either small or medium. You select the size when you choose in this new spelljammer race.



The walking speed is 30 feet of thri kreen.


Chameleon carapace

Even if you are not wearing the armor, your carapace provides you the 13+ base armor class of your dexterity modifier. According to action of thri kreen 5e, you can change the carapace color to match the texture and color, and it provides you benefits on dexterity checks to make it hide in its surroundings.



The thri kreen are seen in dim light at 60 feet, as they are in brightness. The darkness discerns colors is only resemble the shades of grey.


Secondary arms

You have the secondary arms two below the primary arms pairs. It is possible to manipulate the objects by using secondary arms.



You do not need to sleep and remain conscious during long rest. You should refrain for some time to get the benefits of rest.


Thri Kree telepathy

Without magic assistance, you are unable to speak the non thri kreen language, even if you know it. So, you should use the thri kreen telepathy to convey your message.

The step-by-step plan to play thri kreen

Thri kreen is often found in wild spaces. The thri kreen 5e character is sometime around the non thri kreen character for the adventure days. This will become an important backstory section, especially during ancient sin.

The talk inability

The talk inability can put together the number of players, but it will never hire your ability to play the thri kreen.

Beginners must set the home rule when they are out from combat. In this case, you can speak at the table with other characters and create a telepathic link with each other.

Thri kreen 5e names

The spelljammer does not give name suggestions on thri kreen characters. Well said; the past editions have moved into deep detail about the naming of bug-like creatures. The name of thri kreen 5e is put according to their clicking sounds.

There is no use of surnames and not play the role of any gender to keep the thri kreen names. Here are some common names already taken by thri kreen characters

  • Kacht- ta
  • Kat’ chka
  • Drik’- chkit
  • Kiktul
  • Pok
  • Pik-ik-cha
  • Etc


To sum it up the guide on thri kreen 5e, the insectoid and fun race has unique features, such as two sets of arms and a color-changing carapace.


Q1. How much is the thri kreen 5e tall

  • A.The height of thri kreen 5e is medium or small.

Q2. At which speed the thri kreen are walk

  • A.The thri kreen characters walk at the speed of 30 feet.

Q3. Are the thri kreen sleep for a long time

  • A.No, the thri kreen are not sleeping for a long time. They are only inactive for some time to take the new fresh starting.

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