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The shifter is a playable race in the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons (5e). They are humanoid beings who can transform into animal forms. In 5e, the shifter race was introduced in the supplement book “Eberron: Rising from the Last War”.

Shifters have the ability to tap into their primal instincts and shift into a hybrid form, gaining the physical traits of an animal, such as claws or keen senses. They can also shift into a more bestial form, resembling the animal they are associated with. The shifter race is known for its adaptability and resilience, making them ideal for players who want to play versatile and unique characters.

Shifters are one among the many races that the players can assume when they play DND. As we all know, DND is a role-playing game that has avid fans worldwide. Shifters are alternatively called were touched and have humans and lycanthropes as distant relatives.

Hence they can be considered humanoids at best. They are made up of both human and animalistic features. They were introduced first in the Eberron campaign setting. Want to know more about shifter 5e and its abilities? Read the article completely to get an overall idea about shifters.

In addition to their shape-shifting abilities, shifters in 5e have a natural affinity for nature and the wild. They are often found living in secluded areas or traveling as nomads, embracing their animalistic nature and connection to the natural world.

Overall, the shifter race adds a dynamic and exciting element to any 5e campaign, allowing players to explore their wild side and fully immerse themselves in the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Shifter 5e

Shifters 5e doesn’t have the ability to fully transform its shape. Their power is limited to the change in the shape of body parts and that too for only a small period of time. There are many sub-races within the shifter race and each is tied to an animal. Longtooth is a sub-race within the shifter that has traits of a wolf-like forming a pack. They tend to help the members of the pack in case of attacks and have the ability to regenerate in case of damage.

Shifter 5th Edition in D&D

Wild hunt shifters can originate from any animal which has the tendency to track its prey. If the traits of a shifter resemble a bear or boar, then it is known as a Beasthide shifter. This kind is usually very strong and has athletic abilities. There are many such subraces and each comes with its own unique abilities and bonuses. You can assume the subrace that has the desired skills you want. 

Characteristics of Shifters in the DND Empire

A shifter’s physical appearance varies largely with the animalistic nature inside them. But mostly, they appear to be like humans. They have a turbulent nature due to the presence of the inner beast. Shifters 5e don’t have the ability to manage their emotions that well and hence experience volatility in their mood.

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Most of them grow skills that are needed for self-sufficiency and survival. Usually, it is just one simple skill that they learn in order to get efficient in it. They are normally neutral and just try to survive in a world that distrusts them. Shifters are always ready for any change that the future might bring them. Freedom is their most valued possession and hence shifters like to live in rural societies instead of crowded ones.

Features of Shifters in the DND game

There are many attributes that come when you role-play as a shifter. Shifters have powers like darkvision due to their animalistic inner nature. One can view objects which are within 60 feet in dim light as well as darkness. Shifters are allowed to speak, write and read in the language of Common. With a medium build, 30 feet is the base walking speed of a shifter 5e.

When you become a shifter, your Dexterity score increases by one. Also, additionally, you can shift your appearance into a beast form. This will last for just a minute till the player dies. The player can even reverse it using a bonus action. 


here are some frequently asked questions about Shifter in 5e, along with their answers:

Q: Can a Shifter Druid use its racial Shifting function in Wild Shape?

A: Yes, If you use Wild Shape first, and establish the beast shape chosen. Your recreation information is changed with the aid of the records of the beast, however, you continue your alignment, personality, and Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores.

Q: Is this homebrew Shifter classification balanced in contrast to the reliable classes?

A: This is not likely to be balanced, and in all likelihood in no way will be. The fundamental trouble right here is that this category permits you to flip into a variety of kinds of monsters with distinctive capabilities that are now not balanced for players, and these monsters get these competencies at a CR the place they are suitable for use in opposition to the players, now not by using them.

Q: How can we recreate in 3.5e the Shifter category from Neverwinter Nights?

A: You can get stats for the monsters you can flip into the usage of the Monster Manuals, however, you will have to make some adjustments for your BAB, base saves, intellectual stats, feats, and the different matters that alternate due to Wild Shape.

Q: Is this Eberron home-brew Shifter sub-race balanced?

A: Beware of including whatever to your sport that lets in a personality to listen on extra than one impact at a time, use greater than one response or bonus motion per round, or attune to greater than three magic gadgets at a time.

Q: What is a Shifter in 5e?

A: A Shifter is a playable race in 5e, introduced in the “Eberron: Rising from the Last War” supplement book. They are humanoid beings with the ability to transform into animal forms.

Q: What are the different forms a Shifter can take in 5e?

A: A Shifter can take three forms in 5e: their natural humanoid form, a hybrid form that combines humanoid and animal traits, and an animal form that resembles the animal they are associated with.

Q: What abilities do Shifters have in 5e?

A: In addition to their shape-shifting abilities, Shifters have a natural affinity for nature and the wild. They have increased speed, proficiency in certain skills, and an ability to detect danger.

Q: What are the subraces of Shifter in 5e?

A: The subraces of Shifter in 5e are Beasthide, Longtooth, Swiftstride, Wildhunt, and Cliffwalk.

Q: How do I play a Shifter in 5e?

A: To play a Shifter in 5e, you need to have the “Eberron: Rising from the Last War” supplement book. Choose a subrace, determine your ability scores, and choose a class. Use your shape-shifting abilities and other racial traits to enhance your gameplay.

Q: What classes work well with a Shifter in 5e?

A: Any class can work well with a Shifter in 5e, but classes that benefit from increased mobility or physical abilities, such as Barbarian or Ranger, maybe a good fit.

Q: Can a Shifter be evil in 5e?

A: Yes, a Shifter can be of any alignment in 5e. Their shape-shifting abilities and natural affinity for the wilds may make them more inclined towards neutrality or chaos, but they can still be good, evil, or any alignment in between.

Q: Are there any restrictions on a Shifter’s shape-shifting abilities in 5e?

A: Yes, there are limitations on a Shifter’s shape-shifting abilities in 5e. They can only shift for a limited amount of time, and the frequency of their shifts is also limited. Additionally, they can only shift into one of their animal forms, as determined by their subrace.

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