Loxodon 5e – Abilities and History of the Elephant People

The Loxodon is a playable race in the 5th edition of the popular tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). They are a humanoid race with some distinct elephant-like features, such as a trunk instead of a nose, large ears, and tough, thick skin.

In D&D lore, Loxodons are known for their strength and wisdom, as well as their deep connection to nature. They are also renowned for their sense of community and social structure, often living in tight-knit herds or clans.

As a playable race, Loxodons are often chosen for their unique appearance and powerful abilities. They are particularly well-suited for roles that require physical strength, such as fighters or barbarians. However, they can also excel in roles that require wisdom, such as clerics or druids.

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Overall, the Loxodon race offers a fascinating and distinct option for players looking to create a memorable and powerful character in the world of D&D.

The Loxodon is a massive humanoid showing the elephant’s dissimilar trunk, leathery skin, ears, and other beautifying aspects. Loxodon is famous for its stoned prowess, wisdom, intense loyalty, and fierce anger; must they be triggered enough to lose their patience and reserved nature? Loxodon Race 5E is one such topic that is being explored and appreciated by people these days.

Loxodon 5e: The Ultimate Guide to This Elephant-like Race

Loxodon 5e: Everything You Need to Know About This Unforgettable Race

Loxodon is very trustworthy and pretty impressive when they or their friends are threatened. These 7-foot giant elephants value wisdom and calmness over the whole thing and do not reflect their kind to reach maturity before the age of 60.


Loxodon is a giant race of elephant-like creatures. Weighing in at a vast, nearly four hundred pounds, Loxodons are very strong, deriving natural armor from their firm skin and attaining +2 build. He brings with him an excellent deal of specific utility, such as the capability to use his trunks as a functional third arm and gain a benefit over any investigation involving the sense of smell.

Community is highly vital to Loxodons. They perform tirelessly to maintain the bond they have created and make sure they develop into an attractive relationship. Whether it’s Loxodon in your company, adventuring gatherings, or just as a friend, you understand you may always count on them. The vowels often represent some priest, title, grandfather, and many more.

  • Age: Loxodons are developed in the same way as humans, but they survive nearly 450 years.
  • Ability Score Increase: Your IQ is enhanced by two, and your power and strength improve by 1.
  • Languages: You may easily read, speak, and write the standard and giant language.
  • Alignment: Most of the Loxodons are legitimate, trusting in the values of harmony and order. Their devotion leads to the best, believing that everyone must take advantage of society.
  • Hyperthymesia: A Loxodon’s reminiscence is third or second to none. You get the benefit of Wisdom checks; you try to remember places, people, events, and thoughts from your memory.
  • Size: Loxodons grow to be 7 and 8 feet tall. Their giant bodies’ weight ranges between 345 and 495 pounds, and their size is enormous.
  • Teeth: Your teeth are natural fight armaments with which you are skilled.
  • Speed: The base walking speed of Loxodon is 30. When confronting them, the target takes 1d6 + intense damage equal to your power modifier.
  • Natural Armor: Your thick leather skin gives you +1 to your AC, and you are no slower than heavy armor because of the enormous size.
  • Third Hand: Your proboscis can be used to choose loose objects within 5 feet as a free action and hold any item placed on your person to move to your hand.

Random Height and Weight

Base Height Height ModifierBase WeightWeight Modifier
6′ 0″+2d10350 lb.× (2d8) lb

Loxodon 5e Names

The male names are Ghanonoth, Agvith, Ililoxth, Tvortilipth, Lathilinth, Kavavipth, Phughuin, Mauthouk, Thavaglath, and Vegakhagn. The female names are Oriria, Gaupaelia, Ameristhea, Phaaghia, Imimphea, Kauthila, Maumpthorea, Laulunea, Oneghea, and Veriaphia. The Nicknames are Cracked-Tusk, High-Ear, Broad-Tusk, Strong-Trunk, Dark-Wool, Long-Trunk, Scarred-Hide, Moon-Eye, Severed-Trunk, and Twin-Tusk.

What Classes Are Well Suited to the Loxodon?

Loxodons in D&D 5e are well-suited for classes that require physical strength, such as fighters or barbarians, due to their natural abilities. Their high Constitution scores and natural armor make them particularly durable on the battlefield. Additionally, their trunk allows them to manipulate objects and use items like a healer’s kit, making them good candidates for support classes like clerics or druids.

In addition to these classes, Loxodons can also excel in roles that require high Wisdom scores, such as monks or rangers. Monks, in particular, can make use of their natural armor and resistance to poison and disease to become incredibly resilient in combat. Ultimately, the Loxodon race is versatile enough to fit into a variety of classes, so players should choose the class that aligns best with their preferred playstyle.

Loxodon Appearance: General Looks Found Among Them

Loxodons have a distinctive appearance that sets them apart from other humanoid races in D&D 5e. They have a mix of humanoid and elephant-like features, including:

  • A trunk instead of a nose
  • Large, floppy ears
  • Thick, tough skin
  • Long, curved tusks protruding from their mouths
  • Large, powerful hands with thick fingers

In terms of size, Loxodons are larger than most other humanoid races, standing between 7 and 8 feet tall and weighing between 300 and 400 pounds. They have broad, muscular bodies that reflect their strength and durability.

Overall, the Loxodon’s unique appearance and size make them stand out from other playable races in D&D 5e, and their tough, resilient bodies reflect their reputation as strong, stalwart creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Loxodon 5e:

Q: What is a Loxodon in D&D 5e?

A: In D&D 5e, a Loxodon is a playable race of humanoid creatures with elephant-like features, such as a trunk instead of a nose and large ears. They are known for their strength, wisdom, and connection to nature.

Q: What are some notable characteristics of Loxodon in D&D 5e?

A: Loxodons have tough, thick skin and are resistant to disease and poison. They also have a natural armor that provides an additional level of protection. In addition, they have a natural proficiency in Medicine and can use their trunk to manipulate objects.

Q: What classes are Loxodon best suited for in D&D 5e?

A: Loxodon can excel in classes that require physical strength, such as fighters or barbarians, due to their natural abilities. However, they can also be strong options for wisdom-based classes like clerics or druids.

Q: Can I customize my Loxodon character in D&D 5e?

A: Yes, you can customize your Loxodon character just like any other playable race in D&D 5e. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds, classes, and skills to create a character that fits your preferred playstyle.

Q: What are some popular Loxodon character builds in D&D 5e?

A: Popular Loxodon character builds in D&D 5e include a strength-based fighter or barbarian, a wisdom-based cleric or druid, or a support-based character with a focus on Medicine and healing.

Q: Are there any disadvantages to playing a Loxodon in D&D 5e?

A: Loxodons have a slower movement speed compared to some other playable races in D&D 5e, and they may have difficulty fitting into small spaces due to their size. However, these disadvantages can be mitigated through careful character planning and strategic play.

Q: Is there something in the regulations giving Loxodons drawback on Stealth checks?

A: There are no tough policies associating a creature’s dimension with its potential to sneak in this way. Mechanically, the Loxodon is as successful in getting to know the artwork of stealth as any race.

Q: Can a Loxodon trunk be used to reload a sling, blowgun, or hand crossbow?

A: Many would provide a “yeah sure! You can cope with objects, so you can manipulate ammo as well” argument. but it’s no longer precisely correct, particularly if you are acquainted with the reloading mechanism of a crossbow.

Q: Can a Loxodon PC wield a 2-handed sword and defend with one hand and their trunk?

A: Nope, no longer with the aid of RAW. Your trunk can not wield weapons or shields or do something that requires guide precision.

Q: What is the suitable injury for a touchdown on a person’s head from a positive height?

A: Our contemporary “homebrew modifier” is 1D10 per 100 if at least 10 toes are in the air. We have not been in a position to locate something official. Maybe we simply overlooked it.

Q: Is it essential to buy all the D&D fifth version books to have got right of entry to all participant persona options?

A: Player Character Options Can be Purchased Separately – however the Savings Vary.  There are a number of products, and no longer all of them supply persona-type options

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