Flying High: Aarakocra Race Guide in D&D 5e

The Aarakocra race in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition (5e) is a unique avian species known for its ability to soar through the skies with its wings. These humanoid creatures possess a distinct avian appearance, featuring feathers, beaks, and sharp talons. Aarakocra is deeply connected to the elemental plane of air, which influences both their physical traits and cultural identity.

Aarakocra possesses a natural flight ability, allowing them to maneuver effortlessly in three-dimensional space. Their wings grant them exceptional mobility, making them adept scouts, couriers, and aerial warriors. This flight capability sets them apart from most other races, providing a distinct advantage both in exploration and combat.

In addition to flight, Aarakocra has sharp senses and keen eyesight, reflecting their avian heritage. They are often vigilant and watchful, able to spot details from great distances. Their strong connection to the elemental plane of air also grants them resistance to falling damage.

Culturally, Aarakocra lives in tight-knit communities high above the ground, dwelling in lofty aeries atop mountains or in secluded cliffside nests. They are fiercely protective of their homes and territories, valuing freedom and independence. Aarakocra societies are often organized in tribes, with a strong emphasis on cooperation and communal living.

Due to their unique physiology and cultural background, Aarakocra may face challenges and restrictions when interacting with other races or in certain environments, such as confined spaces or areas with low ceilings. These considerations should be taken into account when playing an Aarakocra character in a D&D campaign.

Aarakocra adventurers bring an unparalleled aerial perspective to their party, excelling as scouts, archers, and aerial support. Their innate flight and sharp senses make them well-suited for reconnaissance missions and ambush tactics. Aarakocra characters also possess a rich potential for roleplaying, showcasing their avian mannerisms, rituals, and unique perspectives on the world.

Whether soaring through the clouds or perching on a precipice, the Aarakocra race in 5e offers a distinctive and thrilling experience for players seeking to explore the realms of D&D with a touch of avian grace and elemental connection.

Aarakocra 5E live in high mountains and mostly they are seen only on the top of tall trees they are also called bird folk. Aarakocra 5E is Bondless and completely lives in the elemental plane of air. The full power is given to the legs since it has very sharp talons and will attack the enemy heavily. During the time of attacking also, it will not react heavily with effect and vengeance behavior, only if anybody disturbs its privacy it attack other than it will not involve in any other unwanted issues.

The face of the Aarakocra 5E is combined with the features of an eagle and parrot it is built with a grey-black beak and it has round black eyes.

Aarakocra 5e

Aarakocra 5e (5th edition) race in dnd races


Aarakocra 5E mostly lives only on the elemental plane of air, this Bird can be easily drawn in the material plane and they can easily attack the enemies with the help of their foes. Aarakocra birds built their own nests in the high mountains which are mostly available in the old forests.

Aarakocra Bird enjoys its whole life in peace and solitude these birds mainly focus on dealing with other people and mostly they spend time only in the air and not on the ground. It is one of the different bird adventures which are created to enjoy its life.


Appearance completely resembles humanoid birds it is very tall at 5 feet and it has a wingspan of 20 feet. It has very sharp foes and it uses its foes to attack the enemies during the time of the fight.


Aarakocra is very short-tempered and they focus only to fly, they don’t mind the condition of the weather. The bird looks with sharp end beaks and will always be ready to attack enemies anytime.


  • Aarakocra has common traits as their dexterity score which is been increased by 2 and also their wisdom score is also increased by 1.
  • The maturity age of Aarakocra is 3 when compared to humans these birds don’t live longer than about 30 years.
  • Mostly Aarakocra will be in a normal neutral nature when nobody disturbs it if it finds that somebody is going to disturb it will show its adventurous nature and attack the enemies.
  • It is very thin with 5 feet tall and very lightweight bodies between 80 to 100 pounds.
  • The speed of Aarakocra is 25 feet and its flying speed is 50 feet.


When compared to other features the Aarakocra bird will always be in a flying state so it is not very arrogant in nature. It completely enjoys its life and is peaceful. Similar to humans there are facial expressions and gestures that are the same and also have the same feelings and emotions.

Aarakocra Bird is not interested to be in human life nature since it hates to live on the ground so it does not have any type of vengeance nature since it enjoys complete life in the sky.

What Classes Are Well Suited to the Aarakocra?

The Aarakocra race in D&D 5e possesses several unique abilities, particularly their flight capability, which can complement certain classes and playstyles. Here are a few classes that are well suited to the Aarakocra:

  1. Monk: The Monk class synergizes well with the Aarakocra’s Dexterity bonus and mobility. The ability to fly and move quickly allows Aarakocra Monks to easily engage in hit-and-run tactics, gain tactical advantages, and reposition themselves swiftly on the battlefield.

  2. Ranger: Aarakocra Rangers benefit from their aerial perspective, gaining superior scouting and tracking capabilities. They can take advantage of their flight to access vantage points, survey terrain, and make ranged attacks with ease. The Ranger’s favored enemy feature can be enhanced by the Aarakocra’s keen senses and ability to survey the land from above.

  3. Rogue: Aarakocra Rogues can use their flight to gain an advantage on sneak attacks by attacking from unexpected angles or dropping in from above. Their ability to quickly disengage or escape dangerous situations can be invaluable for a Rogue character. Additionally, the Aarakocra’s Dexterity bonus enhances the Rogue’s primary attributes.

  4. Druid: Aarakocra Druids have a natural affinity with nature and flight, aligning well with the Druid’s theme of connection to the elements and the wild. Their aerial mobility allows for effective scouting, and the Druid’s spellcasting abilities can be combined with the Aarakocra’s flight for creative approaches to combat and exploration.

  5. Sorcerer/Warlock: Aarakocra characters can make great spellcasters due to their heightened senses and unique perspective. Sorcerers and Warlocks can utilize their flight to gain advantageous positions for spellcasting, maintain distance from enemies, and enhance their versatility in combat.

These are just a few examples, and ultimately the choice of class for an Aarakocra character depends on personal preference and the desired play style. It’s important to consider the synergy between class abilities and the Aarakocra’s flight when selecting a class, as it can significantly impact the character’s capabilities and tactical options.


Q: Can Aarakocra characters fly from the start of the game?

A: Yes, Aarakocra characters have a natural flying speed of 50 feet right from the start of the game. However, it’s important to note that the Dungeon Master has the final say on the availability and practicality of flying in certain situations or environments. They may impose restrictions or limitations based on the campaign setting or narrative circumstances.

Q: Do Aarakocra characters have any restrictions or penalties associated with their flight ability?

A: While Aarakocra characters possess the ability to fly, there are a few limitations to consider. First, they cannot fly if they are wearing heavy armor, as it hampers their ability to take flight. Additionally, Aarakocra characters may face challenges when flying in confined spaces or areas with low ceilings, as their wingspan and flight capabilities require ample room to maneuver.

Q: Can Aarakocra characters use weapons or cast spells while flying?

A: Yes, Aarakocra characters can use weapons and cast spells while flying, provided they have the necessary abilities or resources to do so. They can engage in aerial combat, utilizing ranged weapons or spells to attack enemies from above. However, it’s important to consult the specific rules and requirements of weapons and spells to ensure their proper usage during flight.

Q: Are there any racial ability score bonuses or special traits for Aarakocra characters?

A: Yes, Aarakocra characters have specific racial traits. They have a +2 bonus to their Dexterity score and a +1 bonus to their Wisdom score, reflecting their agile and perceptive nature. Additionally, they have the ability to speak, read, and write in both Common and Aarakocra languages.

Q: Can Aarakocra characters communicate with other flying creatures or birds?

A: Aarakocra characters do not have a specific racial trait that grants them automatic communication abilities with flying creatures or birds. However, their DM may allow for additional roleplaying opportunities and interactions based on the character’s avian nature and the narrative context of the campaign.

Q: Can Aarakocra characters be multi-classed with other classes?

A: Yes, Aarakocra characters can be multi-classed with other classes in D&D 5e, just like any other race. They can combine their avian abilities and racial traits with the features and mechanics of other classes to create diverse and unique character combinations.

Q: What would the Aarakocra language sound like?

A; As with a lot of their speech, Aarakocra’s names encompass clicks, trills, and whistles to the factor that different peoples have a tough time announcing them.

Q: Can a former Aarakocra grow to become a lineage fly whilst carrying armor?

A: An Aarakocra does not have a fly pace whilst sporting medium or heavy armor, so there is no fly velocity whilst sporting medium or heavy armor to inherit. You have a flying pace of 50 feet. To use this speed, you can’t be carrying medium or heavy armor.

Q: Is there any mechanical help for Aarakocra flying constantly for days?

A: The textual content you noted is the ammunition you want to make the case to the DM, which is the place you want to go to get your ruling. To my knowledge, there may be no declaration about whether or not or now not gravity works usually in the Plane of Air in 5e.

Q: Can an Aarakocra grapple with the usage of their feet?

A: Feet can’t be used for grappling

Q: How does Aarakocra fly with a backpack?

A: Presumably, their backpack is designed so that it lets in for flying. You have a flying pace of 50 feet. To use this speed, you can’t be carrying medium or heavy armor.

Q: Do Aarakocra have palms as properly as wings?

A: Yes, they each have fingers and wings.

Q: Can an Aarakocra use protection whilst flying?

A: Yes, A druid Aarakocra can use a timber guard whilst flying.

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