Aarakocra 5e D&D Race (5th Edition)

Aarakocra 5E which live in high mountains and mostly they are seen only in the top tall trees they are also called as bird folk. Aarakocra 5E are Bond less and completely live in the elemental plane of air.


Aarakocra 5E mostly live only on the elemental plane of air, this Bird which can be easily drawn in the material plane and they can easily attack the enemies with the help of their foes. Aarakocra birds built their own nests in the high mountains which are mostly available in the old forests.

Aarakocra Bird enjoys its whole life with peace and solitude these birds mainly focus on dealing with other peoples and mostly they spend time only on the air and not in the ground. It is one of the different bird adventures which are created to enjoy its life.


Appearance completely resembles as humanoid birds it is very tall of 5 feet and it has a wingspan of 20 feet. It has very sharp foes and it uses its foes to attack the enemies during the time of the fight.

The full power is given to the legs since it has very sharp and talons and will attack the enemy heavily. During the time of attacking also, it will not react heavily with effect and vengeance behaviour, only if anybody disturbs its privacy it attacks other than it will not involve in any other unwanted issues.

Face of the Aarakocra 5E is combined with the features of eagle and parrot it is built with grey-black beak and it has round black eyes.


Aarakocra very short-tempered and they focus only to fly, they don’t mind the condition of weather. The bird which looks with sharp end beaks and will always be ready to attack the enemies anytime.


  • Aarakocra has common traits as there dexterity score which is been increased by 2 you and also their wisdom score is also increased by 1.
  • The maturity age of Aarakocra is 3 when compared to humans these birds they don’t live longer about 30 years.
  • Mostly Aarakocra will be in the normal neutral nature when nobody disturbs it if it finds that somebody is going to disturb it will show its adventurous nature and attack the enemies.
  • It is very thin with 5 feet tall and very lightweight bodies between 80 to 100 pounds.
  • Speed of Aarakocra is 25 feet and its flying speed is 50 feet.


When compared to other features the Aarakocra bird will always be in the flying state so it is not very arrogant in nature. It completely enjoys its life is peaceful. Similar to human there are facial expressions and gestures are same also they have the same feelings and emotions.

Aarakocra Bird is not interested to be in the human life nature since it hates to live in the ground so it does not have any type of vengeance nature since it enjoys the complete life in the sky.

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