Entertainer 5e Background 5th edition in D&D

Entertainer 5e performs for others. They live for having an audience for his or her skills. Whether you’re a musician, a circus performer, or a gladiator, you’re equally a sort of entertainer. You’re an artist within the sense that you simply live your art through action, not by the thing. You stir the hearts and minds of men and ladies together with your performances.

I’ll be back to a more regular schedule probably next week once I start going into the office earlier in order that I even have more afternoon/early evening free. But I wanted to urge a post up today about the Entertainer background in Dungeons and Dragons.

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Entertainer Background 5e

Entertainer 5e Background

  • Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, Performance
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise Kit, one type of musical instrument
  • Languages: Noon
  • Specialty: Entertainer Routines
  • Feature: By Popular Demand
  • Saving Throws: Dexterity +5
  • Damage Resistances: fire
  • Senses: passive Perception 12
  • Challenge: 4 (1,100 XP)

12 (+1)16 (+3)15 (+2)11 (+0)14 (+2) 17 (+3)

Feature: Entertainer Routines

D10Entertainer Routine

Personality Traits

D8Options For Personality Traits
1I know a story relevant to almost every situation.
2Whenever I come to a new place, I collect local rumors and spread gossip.
3I'm a hopeless romantic, always searching for that "special someone."
4Nobody stays angry at me or around me for long, since I can defuse any amount of tension.
5I love a good insult, even one directed at me.
6I get bitter if I'm not the center of attention.
7I'll settle for nothing less than perfection.
8I change my mood or my mind as quickly as I change key in a song.


D6Options For Flaws
1I'll do anything to win fame and renown.
2I'm a sucker for a pretty face.
3A scandal prevents me from ever going home again. That kind of trouble seems to follow me around.
4I once satirized a noble who still wants my head. It was a mistake that I will likely repeat.
5I have trouble keeping my true feelings hidden. My sharp tongue lands me in trouble.
6Despite my best efforts, I am unreliable to my friends.


d6Options For Ideal
1Beauty. When I perform, I make the world better than it was. (Good)
2Tradition. The stories, legends, and songs of the past must never be forgotten, for they teach us who we are. (Lawful)
3Creativity. The world is in need of new ideas and bold action. (Chaotic)
4Greed. I'm only in it for the money and fame. (Evil)
5People. I like seeing the smiles on people's faces when I perform. That's all that matters. (Neutral)
6Honesty. Art should reflect the soul; it should come from within and reveal who we really are. (Any)


D6Options For Bonds
1My instrument is my most treasured possession, and it reminds me of someone I love.
2Someone stole my precious instrument, and someday I'll get it back.
3I want to be famous, whatever it takes.
4I idolize a hero of the old tales and measure my deeds against that person's.
5I will do anything to prove myself superior to my hated rival.
6I would do anything for the other members of my old troupe.

The entertainer is perhaps one among those backgrounds that you simply can see going in numerous different directions. There are many various belongings you can do as an entertainer, though, the music goes to be the one that folks consider first with the entertainer background. The very fact that you simply get an instrument that you’re proficient with makes it lean that way. As a player, I’d just check out that as optional, or that your character is proficient with the harp, and you can’t really lug one among those around, so what does it matter. Let’s jump quickly into these backstories and see what other ideas I’d have for an entertainer.

Entertainer’s Pack

Backpack – adventuring gear (container)

  • Category: Items
  • Weight: 5

Bedroll – adventuring gear

  • Category: Items
  • Weight: 7

5 days of Rations

  • Category: Items
  • Item Rarity: Standard
  • Weight: 2


  • Category: Items
  • Item Rarity: Standard
  • Weight: 5

The lifetime of a dancer is all that I ever wanted. At a young age, I trained under the best tutors that my parents could afford and that I wanted for nothing. I grew up wanting for nothing and being the foremost graceful creature most of the people had ever seen. Life took a turn on my behalf of me when my parents lost everything. A conman came and swindled them out of everything that they had. We were left on the streets, my fancy tutors were gone, and that I had nothing. My parents couldn’t even feed us most nights. I made a decision to run away and located a convent that might take me in. There I used to be ready to learn more fluidity and beauty.

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A traveling troupe went by there and that you decided it had been time to go away once I saw who the leader of the troupe was, an equivalent man who had conned my parents. He didn’t recognize me, and that I quickly ingratiated myself into the group and was performing and stealing from the rich with them. He wouldn’t have caught onto who you used to be and that you would have had my revenge, but unknown to me, my parents had sent my youngest sibling to figure at an old family friend in order that they could have an honest life. My sibling exposed not only the conman but myself also. He escaped, though most of his troupe didn’t and that I had to run as he swore revenge on me, albeit I hadn’t done anything. I’ll still get my revenge against that man who ruined my family.

Facts for Entertainer 5e (5th Edition)

AuthorPlayer's Handbook (5e)
SkillAcrobatics and Performance
SpecialtyEntertainer Routines
Tools Disguise Kit, one type of musical instrument
FeaturesBy Popular Demand
Summary Actor, dancer, musician, poet
PublicationPlayer's Handbook (5e)

There are numerous different entertainer stories that you simply can tell for your character than many interesting ways to travel with it. The jaded artist, the author who is trying to find an adventure to write down about, Shakespeare who is collecting stories which Tate was within the first season of Dungeons and Flagons. Lean into all the weird arts also, maybe you’ve got a druid who may be a musician but a musician as a part of a drum circle that keeps a sacred grove alive. otherwise you have a paladin who wants to be a famous poet, but really can only write on their deity. There are many great entertainers waiting to require the stage of your Dungeons and Dragons game out there.

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