Unveiling the Secrets of Gith: A 5e Race Guide for D&D Players

n Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e), Gith is a race that consists of two distinct subraces: Githyanki and Githzerai. Both subraces were originally enslaved by the mind flayers (also known as illithids) but managed to break free and develop their own cultures and societies.

Avid players of Dungeons and Dragons are familiar with the race of Gith 5e (5th edition). The race of Gith has been divided into two rival groups and the enmity between them has continued for centuries. Githyanki is cold-blooded warriors and Githzerai tend to lead an abstinent life. Players can assume the race of the Gith 5e variant in Dungeons and Dragons.

Gith 5e race in dnd races

In this article, you can know more facts about the Gith race along with their attributes. These facts will educate you in deciding which group of gith you want to role-play as. On choosing to role play as someone from the gith race, you can opt for barbarian, cleric, or druid. Even fighters and artificers are great if you choose to be a gith.

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Mastering Gith 5e: Your Ultimate Race Handbook for D&D

The origin of the gith race remains a mystery even now and some consider themselves to have originated from humans. However, they are humanoids now and once were enslaved by the illithids. They obtained their freedom but soon divided into two subgroups due to inner conflicts. The groups had differences in their principles and became a sundered race. They view each other as enemies and have contradictory philosophies.

  1. Githyanki: Githyanki is known as the “warrior race” of the Gith. They are fierce and battle-hardened individuals who have a strong affinity for combat and conquest. Githyanki is known for its mastery of silver swords and their ability to travel through the Astral Plane using astral vessels called “Githyanki silver ships.” They are often seen as fearsome raiders and interplanar conquerors.
  2. Githzerai: Githzerai, on the other hand, are more focused on personal discipline, introspection, and philosophical pursuits. They have honed their mental abilities and are known for their psionic powers. The Githzerai live in secluded monastic communities and are experts at defending themselves from external threats, including the influence of chaos.

Both Githyanki and Githzerai are humanoid races with unique characteristics and abilities that reflect their different lifestyles and experiences. As with any D&D race, players who choose to play as Gith in their campaigns have the opportunity to role-play rich and diverse characters with interesting backstories and motivations. These races were introduced in earlier editions of D&D and have become well-established in the game’s lore and settings.

Gith 5e (5th edition) in dnd races

The name of those two subraces of gith 5e is Githyanki and Githzerai. There are two more subraces which are the isolationist pirates and githvyrik. The isolationist pirates are those who preferred staying in the material plane instead of moving into limbo or astral plane. Some didn’t belong to both githyanki and githzerai and hence came to be known as githvyrik. 




General Information

Gith, Common
Activity cycle
Astral Plane, Limbo,Wildspace
Pirates of Gith


Average height
5′1″‒7′ (1.5‒2.1 m)[
Hair color(s)
Black, red, russet, gray
Average weight
92‒196 lb (42,000‒88,900 g
Typical build
Slender humanoid[
Skin color(s)
Pale yellow with green or brown tones
Flattened noses


The gith 5e usually have pale yellow skin tone and are taller with more muscle. The skin tone can sometimes vary from green to brown. With long, angular skulls and flat noses, gith have deep eyes and elongated ears which are pointed. Hair colors of gith can range from black, red, and gray to russet sometimes.

The githyanki warriors live in the astral plane and fight with their famed silver swords. They ride red dragons through numerous worlds. They like to decorate their armor and weapons. They are conquerors and merciless when it comes to a fight. The githzerai on the other hand has a completely different approach to life.

They follow some strict rules and live in limbo. They are sleek in their look and have more muscle mass. Githzerai leads a solitary life one that resembles the life of a hermit. They like to live in islands of order located in the vast sea of chaos.

Features of Githyanki and Githzerai in DND

Usually, when you belong to gith 5e while playing DND, your intelligence score rises by a point. Their lifespan is about a hundred years with a taller and leaner physique. Common and Gith are the languages they can use to write, read and speak. The two sub-races of gith 5e have nothing in common except for the language used. When you are a githyanki, an increase of two points in strength score occurs. In the case of githzerai, it is the wisdom score that rises by two points.

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Githyanki abides by the law but doesn’t judge the consequence and follows it even if it is evil. Githzerai on the other hand is disciplined and tends to be neutral. Githyanki is an expert in a single skill and has a great way with weapons. Githzerai is efficient in casting spells and controlling their minds. If you are a githzerai and reach the third level you will be able to cast a shield spell and in the fifth level, the detect thoughts spell. In the case of githyanki in the third level, a jump spell can be used and in the fifth level misty spell can be used. Carefully consider which sub-race you want to be after reading the traits mentioned above.


In the intricate realm of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, the interweaving tales of diverse races, such as the Gith, Aasimar, Warforged, Humans, and Drow, create a symphony of complexity and fascination. Each race contributes its unique attributes, struggles, and triumphs to the ever-evolving narrative of the multiverse. As players embark on their adventures, they have the opportunity to explore the myriad threads of connection between these races, discovering boundless possibilities and endless stories to tell within the captivating world of D&D.


Here’s a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Gith race in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e):

Q: What is the Gith race in D&D 5e?

A: The Gith race in D&D 5e consists of two subraces: Githyanki and Githzerai. They were originally enslaved by mind flayers but later rebelled and formed their own distinct cultures.

Q: What are the differences between Githyanki and Githzerai?

A: Githyanki is fierce warrior with a strong affinity for combat and conquest, while Githzerai is more focused on personal discipline and psionic abilities. Githyanki excels in the use of silver swords and are skilled astral travelers, while Githzerai is known for their mental prowess and lives in secluded monastic communities.

Q: What abilities does Githyanki have?

A: Githyanki have several racial traits, including +2 Strength and +1 Intelligence, proficiency with light and medium armor, proficiency with the Greatsword and Longsword, and the ability to use the Misty Step spell once per day.

Q: What abilities do Githzerai have?

A: Githzerai have several racial traits, including +2 Wisdom and +1 Intelligence, proficiency with light armor, the ability to speak, read, and write in one extra language of their choice, and the ability to use the Shield spell once per day.

Q: Can Gith characters be any class in D&D 5e?

A: Yes, Gith characters can choose any class available in D&D 5e, just like any other race. Whether they become warriors, wizards, rogues, or any other class, their Gith heritage will shape their role-playing and background.

Q: What’s the lore behind the Gith race?

A:  The Gith’s history is deeply intertwined with the mind flayers. They were originally one race known as the “ithilids” but were enslaved and later divided into Githyanki and Githzerai factions after a successful rebellion. The two subraces have since developed separate cultures and values.

Q: Can Gith characters use psionics in D&D 5e?

A:  While Githzerai have a psionic flavor in their lore, psionics are not a prominent part of the 5e core rules. However, a Dungeon Master may choose to incorporate psionics into their campaign through homebrew or optional rule systems.

Q: Is Gith available as a playable race in official D&D 5e materials?

A: Yes, Githyanki and Githzerai are officially available as playable races in the D&D 5e supplement “Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes.”

Remember, the Dungeon Master may have some campaign-specific rules or limitations for races, so it’s always a good idea to check with them before creating a character.

Q: How can Githzerai and Githyanki each be Chaotic Aligned and Psionicists?

A: Furthermore, there are a handful of Psionic races with powers, commonly equal to their level, with no obvious restriction, however, these creatures are chaotic.

Q: Do Githzerai hatch from eggs?

A: The Githyanki and Githzerai are warring factions of the identical species, Gith. But after they gained their freedom, two factions amongst the gith disagreed on what form of civilization they would forge.

Q: When did the gith ruin free of the thought flayers?

A: When searching at the records of D&D lore on this issue, we have to confront the reality that the majority of sources are nonspecific about how a long way in the previous rebellion took place, aside from noting that the illithid empire used to be “ancient,” as was once the uprising.

Q: What books deal with gith (any variety) and the Astral Plane?

A:You’re lucky in that Githyanki lore has remained remarkably steady throughout the range of editions. Even their 4e lore, which shifted them to a totally new cosmology, preserved their lore in broad strokes.

Q: Were the gith firstly human earlier than the illithids enslaved them?

A: Githyanki/Githzerai have been described as the first human when first introduced. The githyanki and githzerai had been first formally brought to AD&D through the 1st edition Fiend Folio sourcebook.

Q: How can the Githyanki Supreme Commander go whilst insubstantial?

A: The Githyanki Supreme Commander should be Ready for movement.

Q: How is Githyanki in opposition to Mind Flayers?

A: The Githyanki had the assistance of Tiamat and the Red Dragons

Q; Does a githyanki’s silver sword immediately kill an astral visitor on an imperative hit?

A: Yes, a githyanki will kill an astrally projected creature on a quintessential hit.

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