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Owlin 5e Race Guide: Few of the many races that are playable in Dungeons & Dragons have a speedy fly. It is equivalent to their pace of walking at the beginning of the game. It is for those who tend to help Masters of Dungeon to wince because flying allows for freedom for players. One of the fortunate few races with a natural knack for flight is the Owlin, which was first encountered in Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos. This has significant benefits for the character of the player.

Although this event is a nice addition, it is not without criticism. This essay will cover how to play the character of an Owlin in your upcoming campaign and will also touch on the merits of this race in general.

Playing as an Owlin is an ideal place to begin if you’ve ever wanted to soar over the night sky like an owl. The Owlin has a lot to offer for gamers looking for something unusual, whether the character inclines to prefer the nighttime or the sheer concept of flying into fight counter to worthy rivals.

For all of you out there yearning for a flight speed, we finally have a new official playable race that can properly compete against the Aarakocra. Although this event is a nice addition, it is not without criticism. This essay will cover how to play an Owlin in your upcoming campaign and will also touch on the merits of this race in general.

What is Owlin 5e in DnD Races?

The Giant Owls of the Feywild are a detached relative of the Owlins, according to lore. Giant Owls have a reputation for being vicious guardians of the creatures group named Fey and they serve and befriend, which may be one reason why Owlins themselves create great traveling companions. They look like humans and have arms and limbs, but that’s about where the resemblances end. Owlins have annexes on the backbones of their shoulders that let them fly and are covered with feathers. If they fit under the tiny or medium range, owlins that can be almost any size. They typically live for about a century, which is like other humanoids. as well as you can read the dnd races‘ official guide.

Owlin 5e (5th edition) race in dnd races

Origin of Owlin

Due to Wizards of the Coast’s ambition to cross-promote the tabletop D&D experience with its linchpin intellectual property, Magic: the Gathering, Owlins were first introduced to the universe of Dungeons & Dragons.

The owlins entered the world of fantasy through the Magic: the Gathering set known as “Strixhaven: School of Mages,” or just “Strixhaven,” ignoring generalizations about the numerous species of avian humanoids known collectively as the “aven” from the past. On April 23, 2021, the Strixhaven set debuted at game stores and big-box stores. There are seven monster cards from this specific game expansion that prominently display owlins, one of the new races that were added with it.

When Did The Owlin in D&D become enlisted in Race?

On December 7th, 2021 When “Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos” was published on December 7th, 2021, it introduced the Owlin as the only new racial inclusion for player characters and gave players the opportunity to experience the magical collegiate experience across numerous gaming realms. When you consider that the term “Strixhaven” effectively translates to “owl home,” the idea that an owl race was associated with this environment makes much more sense.

Defining Race

In a nutshell, owlins are owl-people with arms, legs, and wings that sprout from their feathery bodies’ backs and shoulders. Even though owls are nocturnal animals, owlin artwork from Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons depicts them as active during the day as they are at night, enabling the player to decide whether a particular owlfolk character is nocturnal or diurnal.

There are two divisions in the lore surrounding this race.

  • Dungeons & Dragons

According to Dungeons & Dragons, although this race is distantly connected to the giant owls of the Feywild, there is still a significant deal of variance in each owlin’s appearance.

  • Magic – the Gathering

Owlins consider Archavios, the plane on which Strixhaven is situated, to be their home realm in Magic: the Gathering. After learning everything they can at home, some Owlins will research ways to get to other planes to advance their studies and gain a better understanding of magic and the multiverse.

Owlin 5e race in dnd races

Owlin Abilities

  • Smooth Glide of Owlin

Owlins can glide swiftly and stealthily above because of the lovely wings that sprout from their shoulders, but only when they’re on the cover of negligible or no armor. Their walking pace, which is 30 feet per second, is also their flying speed. They are natural for furtive actions thanks to the way their feathers mute their movements.

As a result, they are adept at using stealth, which is useful for classes like rogue and ranger since they both rely significantly on it to transmit out their operations.

  • Better darkvision

Additionally, owlins have better darkvision. Owlins can perceive darkness as well as weak light up to 120 feet, but Owlin can only distinguish between colors that are different degrees of gray. Owlins have the option to choose which core numbers they want to improve, different many other competitions that offer specific ability score improvements at character creation.

Owlins can boost one stat core by +2 and a stat second by +1, therefore they complement almost any session because the stats may be tailored to fit the difficulties of the stat necessities of the class.

Owlin Names in DnD

Since there are currently no authorized naming guidelines for characters of Owlin, players are free to get inventive and may even come up with their own naming scheme. The names Talon or Night Eye may have originated from the physical characteristics of the Owlins’ forefathers, who may have always called their offspring after their illustrious forebears. This is one of the ideal times to use even more creativity in character development and provide them with a memorable name.

Why Owlin is played as DnD?

The Owlin is, most importantly, a remarkably adaptable race that fits nicely into just about any class of player. They also possess a Fey-like quality, which helps them as fascinating as they are cute. The feat Touched Fey, which provides access to the Misty Step spell, an added +1 stat extra to Wisdom, Charisma, or Astuteness, and one first standard invocation from the institute of fascination or divination makes it even easier for them to improve their abilities because of their long-standing connections to the Feywild.


Additionally, to their adaptability, they have a faster speed of flying. This will provide them an advantage in tasks like studying the battleground and scouting from a vantage opinion others can’t reach, as well as make it simpler for them to flee from opponents as they fly higher and far away from hazardous battle situations.

These players will find it much simpler to conduct reconnaissance and survey missions, account back to their group, and avoid being discovered by the rival because of their ability to adapt to stealth.


Q: An Owlin can only be so old.

A: Lifespan. Like other humanoid player character races, owlins have a lifespan of about a century without using magic to prolong it or pursue undeath. Movement. This race’s walking speed is 30 feet, which also affects his owlin’s capacity for flight.

Q: What dialects does Owlin speak?

Owlin is Auran speaker who frequently learn new languages depending on their environment.

Q: Is the Owlin race playable?

The playable race known as the Owlin is one of the most intriguing new player options in Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos. One of the few races that has a natural flying speed, the owlfolk race is a fun, fresh option.

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