Feral Tiefling 5e- Know The Attributes and Traits

Have you any information about the attributes and traits of feral tiefling 5e? If you are involved in the usage of feral tiefling, then you need to understand the name, traits, and attributes. In the DND world, tiefling is treated with fear, discrimination, and disgust.

The good thing is that the tiefling is mature enough to understand why this happens to them. Today’s post provides information on the attributes, names, traits, features, and many more things about feral tiefling. Keep reading the article on Feral tiefling 5e to get a clear understanding.

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At the time of the spellplague event, Asmodeus, the Nine hells overlord, consumed the spark of azuth and considered himself a god. The Asmodeus, with his warlocks, performed the cryptic rite to claim the existing tiefling humanoids belonging to him and lead the curse on them, known as ” the blood of Asmodeus.”

The claim of rite rebrands all tiefling as the descendants of Asmodeus, according to their existing heritage. The stories during the spellplague event are never forgotten.

Overview of feral Tiefling 5e

According to the DND 5th edition, Feral tiefling 5e was considered extra content for the tiefling race. It means it comes with additional options to update the tiefling character. This consists of the change in physical appearance and an update of the ability score in traits based on characteristics.

Feral Tiefling 5e (5th edition) race in dnd races

Modifications in feral tiefling appearance

The Feral tiefling 5e allows making changes in the tiefling appearance. It makes the tiefling characters in such a way that they are free from the curse of the blood of Asmodeus. The changes in the appearance of tiefling are possible through rolling 1d4+1 of specific features, like sharp teeth, fangs, horns, catlike eyes, etc. The maximum features of appearance change will be based on 1d4+1 outcomes.

Modifications in feral tiefling traits

No doubt, the feral tiefling is more beastly and wild than the common tiefling. Here are the traits of Feral tiefling 5e

Ability score increase

The bonus +1 for feral tiefling is for intelligence, and the bonus +2 is for dexterity, which replaces the ability score increase of common tiefling effectively.


Once the feral tiefling reaches 3rd level, they cast the burning hand spell and act like the 2nd hand spell once a day.

Devil tongue

After the feral tiefling reach to 3rd level, feral tiefling cast the charm person spell and acts like the 2nd level spell once a day. The spells are used again after finishing the long rest.


Feral tiefling carry bat-like wings from their shoulder blades. They fly at a speed of 30 feet.


Earlier, The tiefling is considered the grim reminder of such ill-fated events. But when the Feral tiefling 5e comes into the role. All the curses will disappear, and traits and appearance will be modified.


Q1. Are the feral tiefling are humanoids

  1. Yes, feral tiefling are humanoids. They are ten fingers on both hands, a humanoid physique, a body, bipedal feet, and a humanoid head, like humans.

Q2. What made the feral tieflingdifferent from humans?

  1. The thing that makes feral tiefling different from humans is their infernal heritage.

Q3. What is the role of feral tiefling

  1. The feral tiefling is added to the modification options in existing tiefling characters.

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