A Gear Guide to the Statistics of Astral Elf 5e

It has been confirmed from travelers of the multiverse that the 5e spelljammer book is now available with the new interplanar DND races. Here the talk about astral elf 5e comes. The astral elves are elves that reside on the astral plane. Instead of being the elf subrace, they all gain a new racial entry. If you want to know about the astral home effects and dive into the interplanar craft, then you should read the entire facts of the guide.

Traits of Astral elf 5e

Astral elf 5e race in dnd races

Astral elves are considered elves adapted to the astral sea, meaning they are elves with a big old dash of tossed-in magic space energy.

  • They are defined as they have a divine light spark about them. It provides the starry gleam and magic in their eyes.
  • Usually, it will provide the free reign to add up the space magic you can think about. There may the chances of sparkles on star trek style, black hair, or face ridges.
  • Despite the appearance, another difference that makes the astral elf 5e different is their age.
  • No real-time is observed in the astral sea, which means several astral elves are thousands of years old.
  • It will provide the entire tropes’ timeless ranges to play with, and it failed to undertake how much time they take to exist.
  • Astral elves are the time based on comedies of errors.

Statistics of astral elves 5e

Astral elves appeared as the new race that released the lineage format. It means astral elves assume that you choose the ability score increase with other things like height and weight.

It means they are only worried about features and that they have their race rather than working like the new elf subrace. Let us look at the astral elf 5e features and understand their meaning from the new race character.

  1. Creature type

They are humanoid, according to the creature. The astral elves are only considered elf for the effects that they need.

  1. Size

The size of the astral elf 5e is medium.

  1. Speed

The walking speed of astral elf 5e is 30 feet.

  1. Astral Fire

You should know any of one cantrip from your choice, light, dancing light, or sacred flame.

  1. Darkvision

The dim light appeared within the 60 feet as if it were in brightness, and vice versa.

  1. Fey ancestory

You have a benefit on saving throws that you make to end or avoid the charm situation.

  1. Keen sense

There is proficiency in perception skill

  1. Radiant soul

These are the strongest features by far of astral elves that become the major reason for choosing the elf 5th edition over other elves.


All the features and traits of astral elf 5e are full of fun and love. It draws the elves memories and digs into the real meaning of the character.


Q1. How do the astral elves’ names take

Most astral elves have familiar names with the addition of more Xs and Zs, much more than you think.

Q2. Where the astral elves work

Usually, the astral elves work in the wild space campaign. It best fits in fantasy settings.

Q3. Where the astral elves live

The astral elf 5e are live in the astral sea.

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