How the Traits of Water Genasi 5e in DND matter a lot

What do you know about the Water Genasi 5e in DND? The water Genasi is considered the interesting class in dungeons and dragons 5th edition, due to the connection to the elemental water plane.

This edition is unique from others and valuable in naval campaigns, but not much in others. This guide is written on water genasi 5e, which tells you about the character traits. Before diving into the in-depth information, you should first understand the basics of water genasi 5e.

Water genasi 5e race in dnd races

Traits of Water Genasi 5e

The traits of water genasi show its relation with water. It consists the particular race traits such as being able to breathe easier, move faster, and control water. Everything in water genasi relates to the natural connection with water when race works.

It means to make swimming faster and the ability to breathe underwater. As a result, the water genasi 5e is the best fit for adventures that take place underwater. If there is no water, the race traits will not work.

To understand the traits, you should remember that the water genasi are default traits that increase the scoring ability for water genasi. In the short term, the water genasi are considered a subrace of the character race of genasi. So, you can begin by getting traits from the base race.

Water genasi 5e race in dnd races

Base traits of water genasi

Here is the list of all base traits of water genasi 5e that helps you to understand it in a better way.


You must have a firm grasp of the linguistics of both primordial and common languages. The words in primordial are full of harsh syllables and consonants.


Genasi are of different sizes from their human parents. But in most cases, the height of genasi is 5 to 6 feet, like human bodies. The size of the water genasi is medium.

Score Ability increase

Your consultation score of genasi goes up to 2.


The base speed of water genasi is 30 feet during the walking. After this, you will get the water genasi traits that make your character feel like you belong to water.

Subtrace traits of water genasi

Here is the list of subtract traits of water genasi 5e that belongs to water.

  • Ability score increase: Your wisdom score is raised to 1.
  • Acid resistance: You are resistant to any damage caused by acid.
  • Amphibious : Both water and air are breathed in, according to subtrace traits of water genasi.
  • Swim: You can swim to 30 feet in a minute.

Call the wave

All of us know that the shape of water changes when it makes movements. Water movements exist in the form of waves. According to this trait, once you reach to 3rd level, you can command either destroy or create the water spell, according to the 2nd level spell once. After some time, you have to command it in the same way. For this, the command is based on the constitution. you can check the goliath 5e race here.

Naming style of water genasi

Usually, the name of water genasi comes from the name style of their moral parents. But sometimes they also get the nickname that indicates how the water genasi are connected naturally to water because they belong to it as an important element.

Mostly, the water genasi 5e takes its name from the region and heritage of their moral parents. For instance, the water genasi have orc roots that belong to their parents, and then their name will be an orc. It indicates the elemental names of water genasi. Here are some nicknames of water genasi that are already takes

  • Bay
  • Splash
  • Rain
  • River
  • Brine
  • Pool
  • Undertake

Water genasi physical appearance

Usually, the physical appearance, including the shape and size of water genasi, are the same as their parent’s. But they have different traits that reflect that they come from a different world. The hair, skin, and eyes of water genasi 5e are different, and their voice indicates that they belong to water.

It means the physical appearance of water genasi matches their ancestors, but some of their strange traits show that they have more magical roots. Moreover, keep in your mind that the water genasi are different from regular humanoids due to their aquatic nature and features.

How the water genasi look different from their moral parents

As we tell you, the physical appearance, including the shape and size of water genasi, matches their ancestors. But they look different due to some different traits, eyes, skin, and hair, of water genasi 5e. Let us dive into such traits to understand the look of water genasi.

Water genasi skin

The skin color of some water genasi is unusual, often blues and greens. They also have a thin moisture layer on their skin. Here are some different ways in which the skin of water genasi look

  • Your ears show fins
  • The skin is blue and greenish
  • The water genasi smell makes a little bit of ocean every time.

Water genasi hair

Some water genasi 5e have floating hair that looks like it floats in water. The hairs of water genasi are also grown in colors, like blue or green. Here are the different ways in which the water genasi hair looks

  • Hairs appear like tentacles when they are sticky.
  • Hairs of water genasi are always wet, no matter what you can do to dry it
  • The appearance of hairs is like the sea urchin spines, which makes it different from real hairs.

Water genasi eyes

The eyes of water genasi are bigger than their ancestors. Water genasi have dark eyes. Here are the unique features of water genasi eyes

  • The eyes of water genasi are in golden yellow color
  • The water genasi 5e eyes look normal but a little slimmer, as the creek
  • The bigger eye of water genasi appeared that it popped out of the head.


To sum it up, water genasi 5e is associated with water elements. This is why the water genasi 5e are affected by the water elemental of the plane when they are born.


Q1. How much height of water genasi are

  • The height of water genasi 5e is medium, as same as their moral parent’s height.

Q2. How long does the life of water genasi 5e have

  • The life span of water genasi 5e is 120 years, as same as the human rates.

Q3. In which language does the water genasi communicate

  • The language spoken by water genasi 5e is primordial and common.

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