Fairy 5e (5th Edition) Race in Dnd Races

In Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, there is no official “Fairy” race, but there are several races that could potentially fit the concept of a fairy, depending on the specific traits and abilities you have in mind.

The Fairy from Wild Beyond the Witchlight is a new race alternative for this tumultuous circus environment. And what an exceptional participant race to have on your side! From splendid acts of Fey trickery to normally stellar moments of revelry, Fairies are going to be hilarious to play with. So, our Fairy 5E Guide will inform you about them.

Fairies make up one of the two new races from Wild Beyond the Witchlight. The Fairy race may be one of the most effective races that have been added to Dungeons & Dragon’s fifth Edition. To understand precisely why one would possibly want to dig a little bit deeper into their race.

Fairy 5e

Fairies are the gateway between the world of the Feywild and frequent people from human settlements. Through their short time interacting with humans, many Fairies have realized Common. Thus they can be robust messengers between the insane world that they inhabit and our own.

While the Fairy misplaced some of their magic in the system of turning into playable, that doesn’t suggest they didn’t take something over. The Fairy is a Fey creature, permitting it to stay away from the effective Hold Person and Dominate Person spells. In addition, they are Small – limiting their use of Heavy weaponry – with 30 ft of strolling speed.

The Fairy has very bendy potential rating increases; two in one stat and +1 in another, or three +1 stat boosts throughout three exclusive statistics. This approves for insanely bendy builds, from Wizards and Sorcerers to Fighters and Rogues. Just make certain that two lands on an Attribute that makes your construct shine!

Fairy 5e race in dnd races

1You have small wings like those of an insect.
2You have shimmering, multicolored skin.
3You have exceptionally large ears.
4A constant, glittering mist surrounds you.
5You have a small spectral horn on your forehead, like a little unicorn horn.
6Your hands never look dirty.
7You smell like fresh brownies.
8A noticeable, harmless chill surrounds you.


  • Ability Score Increase: Increase one ability score by 2, and increase a different one by 1.
  • Type: You are a Fey.
  • Size: Your size is Small.
  • Speed: Your walking speed is 30 feet.

Fae Names: Black smoke, Dancingember, Daylily, Dewdrop, Earthbreaker, Ivy, Nightgust, Riverbrook, Rockhammer, Splashbubble,

Fairy Magic is an ordinary scaling magic racial trait. It begins with Druidcraft, then features Faerie Fire at stage three Finally, you get Enlarge/Reduce at stage 5. This spell listing is fun, however now not insanely beneficial in each situation. However, you get free casts of them and sincerely examine them if you have a spell list. That can be available as you trample your way via the Witchlight! Surely some fancy magic will trap the creativity of passersby.

Fairies have a tendency to slip out of the Feywild to prey on harmless people commonly, however, that doesn’t imply they are merciless in using nature. They are mirthful, convenient to have enjoyable with, and love an appropriate track or people tale. But, when they or their pals are in danger, their guests will flip to barbs quickly.


Q: Are there fairies in 5e?

There isn’t always a regular faerie, however, there are a number of Fey creatures.

Q: What is the top variation for the new D&D fairy race (small-sized) as per the ordinary rules?

Characters of most races are Medium, a measurement class that includes creatures that are roughly four to eight ft tall. Members of a few races are Small (between two and four toes tall), which means that positive guidelines for recreation have an effect on them differently.

Q: Can a Fairy PC fly in an Antimagic Field?

The flight is magical, so it is suppressed inside an antimagic field.

Q: Is there an official Fairy race in D&D 5e?

A: No, there is no official Fairy race in D&D 5e. However, there are several existing races that could be used to represent a fairy or similar fey creature.

Q: What are the abilities of a Pixie in D&D 5e?

A: Pixies have a flight speed of 10 feet, can turn invisible once per day, and have innate spellcasting abilities such as a charming people, entangling, and sleeping.

Q: How does Eladrin differ from other elf subraces in D&D 5e?

A: Eladrin is unique in that their abilities change depending on the season. Each of the four subraces (spring, summer, autumn, and winter) has different bonuses and abilities that reflect the characteristics of their respective seasons.

Q: Can Satyrs cast spells in D&D 5e?

A: Yes, Satyrs have innate spellcasting abilities related to nature and illusion, as well as a horn attack and the ability to inspire allies with their music.

Q: Are Grigs playable as a race in D&D 5e?

A: Grigs are not an official playable race in D&D 5e, but a DM could potentially allow a player to use the Pixie race as a template and modify it to represent a Grig.

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