A Guide to Rabbitfolk 5e in DnD

Rabbitfolk 5e (5th edition) is a playable race brimming with charming quirks and nimble agility. Imagine humanoid rabbits, standing a little less than three and a half feet tall with slender frames and soft fur of various colors. Their playful nature and quick wits endear them to many adventurers, while their keen senses and powerful legs make them formidable opponents. DND is a favorite game for most people around the world. The reason for this is the imagination it involves and the adventures that it offers. Who wouldn’t like to possess the strength of a Minotaur or the versatility of a Simic Hybrid?DND offers a great experience where you can become whatever you dare to dream. Many races were introduced as playable ones in the fifth edition of DND. The rabbit folk 5e race belongs to the Feywild and is pretty quaint.

Rabbitfolk 5e in Your Next D&D Adventure”

Rabbitfolk 5e race, Fairies, Hobgoblins, and Owllfolk are the new additions to the Dungeons and Dragons’ fifth version. Rabbitfolk are harmless and tend to have affectionate families. They were not intentionally created but their creation was a mere accident. As the name suggests they have long feet and are bipedal.

Their body is covered with fur and characterized by strong legs. With an additional plus point of a bit of luck on their side, rabbit folk have effective perception skills. The story behind their origin talks about a wizard who performed transmutation magic. Accidentally, he created the rabbit folks who can hop just like the animal they are based on. Rabbitfolk tend to have big families with whom they are close and lead a simple lifestyle.

Racial Traits

Considered people-friendly, the rabbit folk 5e race is often known for its luck. They are affectionate and caring and hence perfectly fit in the roles of diplomats. The names of rabbit folk are usually human but they can also have some from the beast speech like Vecetuu and Cenaav.

Their face looks like rabbits and their fur color might indicate which region they are from. Those who live in the northern climate have white fur and those who stay in the southern climate will have dark-colored fur. Rabbitfolks like to wear coats and robes and wish to be dressed in attires that offer comfort.

Ears Perked, Blades Drawn: The Rabbitfolk Race in 5th Edition


If you play the role of rabbit folk 5e race, then your ability score will increase by two points. There is an additional one-point increase in a different one. Being humanoids, they are of small size and sometimes can be medium.  Your standard walking speed will be 35 feet and as said earlier you will have strong perception skills. As a rabbit folk, you will be permitted to write, read, and speak in Common and also in one other language.

This can be discussed with your Dungeon Master. Another attribute of rabbitfolk is the Hare trigger where you can add the proficiency bonus with your initiative rolls. In the event of failing a dexterity throw, your reaction can be used for the d4 roll. This can be added to your result thus changing the fate. You can jump the height of others and possess good hearing. Rabbitfolk always side with the good. 

Physical Traits

  • Hare-Trigger Reflexes: Rabbitfolk excels with +2 Dexterity and +1 Charisma, showcasing agility and charm.
  • Keen Senses: Proficient in Perception, they easily spot danger and uncover secrets.
  • Lucky Footwork: In a failed Dexterity save, they roll a d4 as a reaction, potentially turning misfortune into success.
  • Rabbit Hop: Once per turn, they cover a distance equal to a d12 roll, adding tactical movement to their skills.

Personality and Culture

  • Community-Oriented: Rabbitfolk value family and cooperation, fostering loyalty and compassion in their close-knit warrens.
  • Mischievous Streak: Playful by nature, they enjoy harmless pranks, adding a lighthearted touch to interactions.
  • Simple Pleasures: Finding joy in life’s simple things, they appreciate good food, lively music, and time with loved ones


Q: What do Rabbitfolk look like?

A: Imagine bipedal rabbits about 3.5 feet tall with slender frames and soft fur in colors like brown, white, or gray. They have long, expressive ears, big eyes, and prominent buck teeth.

Q: Do Rabbitfolk have tails?

A: Not officially in the 5e rules, but some artistic interpretations depict fluffy bunny tails

Q: What are the racial bonuses for Rabbitfolk?

A: They get +2 Dexterity and +1 Charisma, making them agile and charming. Perfect for Rogues, Rangers, and Bards!

Q: What special abilities do Rabbitfolk have?

  • Keen Senses: They’re natural scouts with proficiency in Perception. Think forest radar!
  • Lucky Footwork: Clumsy? No worries! They can add a d4 to failed Dexterity saving throws for graceful escapes.
  • Rabbit Hop: Leap impressive distances (d12 roll!) for tactical movement, surprise attacks, or quick getaways.

Q: What classes are good for Rabbitfolk?

A: Their skills shine in classes like Rogues (stealthy missions!), Rangers (wildness masters!), and Bards (charming negotiators!).

Q: Are Rabbitfolk powerful in combat?

A: They’re agile and hard to hit with Lucky Footwork. Their Rabbit Hop lets them maneuver and their charisma can outwit opponents. They’re not tanks, but clever fighters!

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