Find out New Features of Draconic races 5e in DnD Races

Role-playing games are liked by many and none can deny that they feel fulfilled while playing such adventurous games. Role-playing games like DND contain many fictional characters belonging to a variety of races. They take us to alternate dimensions where anything is possible. Thrill-seekers and those who want to escape into a different reality play DND. In this game, each one can assume a character and play with the Dungeon Master as their referee.

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There is no specific story by which the game is played. Each time one can play by a different story and that is what makes this game a lot more interesting. There are many mystical races in DND and one such race is the draconic race. As you can know from the name, they are descendants of dragons. Know more about this draconic race from this article.

What are the Draconic Races 5e?

Actually, draconic races constitute Dragonborn and Kobold. In the unearthed arcana, three sub-races of Dragonborn have been added along with kobolds. Many feats and spells have also been included in the unearthed arcana. You will find here a brief introduction to each race and its attributes.

Draconic races 5e in dnd races

Features of Dragonborn

Dragonborn belong to the humanoid type and look very similar to dragons. They were created to serve the dragons and as shock troops. However, many Dragonborn came out of what was little more than slavery. Despite being part of different clans they form iron-scale legions. Draconicraces pride itself on its abilities and skills. Dragonborns are in turn divided into three subraces which are Chromatic Dragonborn, Metallic Dragonborn, and Gem Dragonborn.

  • Chromatic Dragoborn has chromatic dragons as their ancestors and is a medium-sized humanoid. Depending on your dragon ancestor, you will be resistant to that specific damage associated with your lineage. You will possess a breath weapon where you can exhale magical energy within a 30-foot line. It will cause a 2d8damage if the save fails. There is also chromatic warding which you will be able to use at the third level.
  • Metallic Dragonborn is also a humanoid of medium build with a standard thirty feet speed. They have 15 feet cone breath weapon and possess an additional second breath weapon. Other than that they are similar in their attributes to chromatic Dragonborn.
  • Gem Dragonborn is much like the other two but you can opt for the gem type. All the traits are similar to other Dragonborn. There are two distinguishing features of the gem Dragonborn. The first one is that at the third level you will have the ability to fly with wings made of gems for just a minute. The next is the telepathic ability within 30 feet to communicate with other creatures.

Chromatic Ancestry

DragonDamage Type

Facts about Kobolds

The Kobolds are known for working as a team and they are more in number out of all. They have a weak moral constitution and are efficient builders as well as crafters. They are humanoids with dark vision and a draconic roar.

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If you choose to play as this kobold, then you can opt for a legacy of your choice like a tail strike or one cantrip from the list of sorcerer spells. This one is known for their cowardice and proficiency in building tunnels and traps among the draconic races.

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