Circle of The Moon (CotM) Druid 5e Guide – Maximum Wild Shape

Druid of the circle of the Moon that is fierce Guardians of the wild, their order will be gathered under the full moon to share the news and trade warnings. The Haunt of the deepest part of the wilderness might not go for a week or even they end before the crossing path with another humanoid creature which will let the Druid.

Circle of the Moon Druid

Changeable as the moon is the druid of the circle and it might prowl as a great cat at one night and they also even throw them undergrowth in the form of the bear to drive off a trespassing monster.

The nature of power

Druid reveres the nature of the above all and gained their spells of the other magical powers either in the form of force are in the form of natural way. Naturally, the druid spells are oriented in the form of animals and toward nature, and the power of the tooth and the claw of the moon and sun is fired and it is also gained with the ability to take the animal forms. In the particular study, some of the druids have practiced even when the point where they prefer animal form to their natural.

Balancing the nature

Naturally, the four elements that make up the world are fire, earth, air, and water which remain in equilibrium suppose if one of the elements were able to gain power when compared to others the world could be destroyed and it will be drawn into the elemental planes. Sometimes it may be broken apart into component elements. Druids are also concerned with the delicate ecological balance to sustain animal and plant life and also the need for civilized folk to leave life in harmony with nature and not oppose it.

Druids are often found in the form of Guardian scared sites or even watch over regions of unspoiled nature. The significant danger arises in the form of threatening nature’s balance or even the lands they protect the druid in the form of a more active role in combating the threat as adventurous.


Circles of the moon druids have a wider range of animals that can turn into compared with other druids. At the second level, they can turn in the form of the beast with the challenge rating of one which increases the three at the sixth level. If the shape is wild and it is used in combat more than spells and it is best to have a list of animals that can be prepared quickly. An animal that is great for land combat is one which is the dire wolf, as they are great for tracking and stealth. Once the Druid gains the ability to turn into a flying beast the giant Eagle is of a great opinion which is big enough to pick the allies and fly them around the battlefield. It is one of the best with Dungeons and Dragon master to come up with a suitable list of beasts that the Droid would know to transform.

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