The Glaive 5e Guide in Dnd

This is a very simple and straightforward RPG, designed to be fast and easy to set up. It’s also suitable for new players as it has a detailed rulebook with no character sheets. It utilizes d20 dice instead of the more complex 2d6 or 2d10 systems they often use. You don’t have to worry about things like classes, races, and levels, or expensive material like books!

The Glaive 5e 

Since this system is streamlined for a quick-and-easy setup, it works well with public events from conventions and social games too! Pragmatic playability makes this system suitable for anyone wanting to try something new but doesn’t want the hassle of setting up their own campaign.

What is a glaive 5e? 

Glaives are beings who have been granted the powers of gods. These gods have, for whatever reason, chosen to give these powers to glaives instead of their own children. The powers a glaive has is determined by which god they were gifted by, and how many blessings they earned from them throughout their life. A glaive may receive more than one blessing from a god and even different types such as physical or magical.


A glaive is considered to be in an event when they’re part of a public event for entertainment, or part of an encounter where all the characters involved—including the players—are in some kind of “danger. ”


A glaive undertakes an adventure when they have been tasked with solving a problem that has arisen in their homeland, or where they have been hired by someone else to solve a problem in the name of another.


Encounters are opportunities for characters to show off their powers. They can be very simple or very complex, and often involve some kind of reward for success. These encounters can be set up as one-sided just the PCs compete against each other. Or mutual (the characters might not win but they must both lose. Some of these encounters can be very important, although they aren’t essential to the story.

A glaive 5e is raised in a village or found on the path. They are often wise and relatively kind. They can have many different special powers that they may have been granted by their god, but they are often reluctant to use them in public. Glaives usually live in a village with other glaives of various ranks, who help raise the glaive and teach them all they know about their religion and society.

Final Verdict

The Glaive RPG is a simple system designed for new players and public gaming. With some minor changes, it would be quite easy to convert this game to your own campaign setting. Its rules are very quick to learn and the whole system is contained in a single PDF file. If you’ve ever played an RPG with something like DnD or many smaller systems like Pathfinder then you’ll probably notice some differences between them. It also has little support from the creators other than seasonal newsletters sent out to subscribers of their mailing list which updates them on what’s new with the glaive.

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