Hadozee 5e- Add the new fun options in adventure in the space

There are many fun options available for players in spelljammer. New magical items, spells, and playable races are added daily to adventure in spaces. One of the playable races that provide you the ability to glide around is Hadozee 5e. This is short detail. Read the guide to know more about the hadozee 5e. as well as you can know the aasimar 5e race in dnd races. 

Hadozee 5e (5th edition)

The hadozee 5e has some features in their physical characteristics that leave the reflection on them as wild space. These creatures do not always play the role of adventure. Usually, the hadozee are timid creatures the size of a house cat.

Hadozee 5e race

They evolved into winged creatures to escape and served as much more than the food chain link for years. Some time ago, the wizard visited the hadozee. Several Hadozee 5e are captured by wizards and experiment on them to turn the things into sapient beings. Hadozee have wings that permit them to glide, but they act like natural climbers that are nimble with their feet and hands.


Challenge ratingExplorer

General Information

Activity cycleAny
Common, Hadozee,[4][3][6] Elven
Favored climateWarm
Favored terrainForest, space


Hair color(s)Tawny to chocolate
Eye color(s)
DistinctionsWing flaps, prehensile toes
MaleAverage height : 5′2″‒6′4″ (160‒190 cm)[7]
Average weight: 154‒278 lb (69.9‒126 kg)[7]
FemaleAverage height 5′0″‒6′2″ (150‒190 cm)[7]
Average weight 124‒248 lb (56.2‒112 kg)

Playing the hadozee 5e– Monkeying around.

Playing the hadozee provides you with the traits given below.

  • Ability score- It is possible to increase the ability score by 2 and by 1 also.
  • Size- There are some small-size hadozee, whereas some are medium sizes.
  • Type of creature- The creature type of hadozee is humanoid.
  • Age- The life span of the Hadozee 5e player character in DND is a century.
  • Speed- The walking and climbing speed of hadozee are 30 feet.
  • Glide- If you do not wear the heavy arm, you can use the skim membranes to glide more, providing the following benefits.

You can use it to reduce the damages to fall to zero. You can move the five feet horizontally for every foot that you descend.

  • Dexterous feet- It is possible to use the bonus action to manipulate the damage by feet, like closing or opening the door.
  • Hadozee resilience- It is possible to use a reaction to minimize the damages you take by 1d6+ to your proficiency bonus.
  • Language- You can read, speak, and write some common language that your Dm agrees with and fits the hadozee character.

Best classes for hadozee 5e

A Hadozee 5e will make the strong tank option due to its resilience. With the modification in the ability to increase bonuses and the usefulness of hadozee, you can make the character concept work without operating the sub optimal character.

Hadozee Names

  • Female Hadozee Names. Bashala, Bannithi, Dashlina, Greshla, Kalla, Kasha, Mahnri, Risha, Tyeesha, Yasha, Yethni, Zansa.
  • Male Hadozee Names. Banth, Darn, Darsh, Grohn, Harth, Krath, Kolth, Ranth, Rothin, Tarn, Tarath, Yeth.


It is concluded that the hadozee 5e are not dependent on the surnames. Rather than they pick the ship name based on the vessel in which they are working.


Q1. What are the hadozee in spelljammer

  • Hadozee is often enthusiastic, loud, and well fit for the spelljamming life.

Q2. Why the traits of hadozee 5e matter

  • Due to the traits and features of hadozee, it makes a great sense of adventure and wonderment.

Q3. What are the unique features of hadozee 5e

  • The unique features of hadozee 5e are their humanoid creature type, 30 feet walking speed, and small and medium size.

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