Autognome 5e – A Guide to Mechanical Creatures in Spelljammer

The interesting setting deviated from DND fare, named spelljammer, which comes with new mechanical creatures. The mechanical creatures in the race in the fifth edition are Autognome 5e. Even though the Autognome 5e are appeared to be silly, they still make a fun option to play with. Keep reading the guide to learn about the Autognome 5e in detail. as well as you can know the Tabaxi race in dungeons and dragons races.

Autognome 5e (5th edition) race in dnd races

Autognome 5e Race overview

Autognomes are mechanical creatures that play a vital role in the wild space campaign. They are the same as gnomes due to some reason, as they are built primarily by rock gnomes. The Autognome 5e is also used to serve the gnomes from which they are built. A number of autognomes are struck out after they are separated from the creator. They resemble the gnomes physically.

Many autognome 5e speak in the gnomish language. Although, the external appearance and internal design differ. Some autognome are mechanical, whereas some consist of the living organs inside.

1Your creator gave you autonomy and urged you to follow your dreams.
2Your creator died, leaving you to fend for yourself.
3A glitch caused you to forget your original programming. You don’t remember who made you or where you came from.
4You didn’t like how you were being treated by your creator, so you ran away from home.
5You were built to complete a special mission.
6You felt trapped in the role for which you were built and abandoned your creator, determined to find a greater purpose.

A way to play the autonomy

Autognomes are considered constructs. They are designed in image and with the hand of other creatures. Even though their autonomy is similar physically, still they do not have preferred habitats or societies of their own. It means the next autognome 5e character is an open book. The Autognome 5e creator indicates the central theme. To understand the creator, you should look at the given below autognomes name.

Autonomous names

Unfortunately, spell jammers do not give any suggestions on the autognomes names. There is no limit to giving the name of the autognome character. You can give any name, according to you. As a result, more good suggestions have come.

Mostly, the name of Autognome 5e characters are taken by their creator, so it makes sense to adopt the gnomish names.

Autognome 5e race in dnd races

Building of autonomy 5e character

no doubt, the 5th edition of autognomes is different from previous versions. There are no malfunction tables to create troubles, as in the previous versions. In this case, the autonomous have not come with the ability score increase.

Ability score

One of the big chances with the autognome 5e is that they are moved far from ability score bonuses. This approach allows you to choose your race without being restricted by optimal classes.


There is no specific language of Autognome 5e. Similar to all characters in spelljammer, you can write, read, and speak common with the addition of another language. The autognome 5e understands the gnomish, but you can also use another language.


Hope this guide tells you everything about the autognome 5e. The race of autognome 5e characters makes a fun guide and theme, according to spelljammer.


Q1. What is the name of autognome 5e?

  • Usually, the name of autognome 5e is placed by its creator. So, it means the autognome 5e has gnomish names.

Q2. Where the autgnomes play the important role

  • The autgnomes of the previous and 5th versions play an important role in the wild space campaign.

Q3. What is the language of autognome

  • Usually, there is no specific language of autognome 5e characters. Mostly autognome 5e understands the gnomish, but you can also choose another language option.