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The Firbolg Race D&D 5th Edition (5e)

Discover the abilities of firbolg 5e: It’s the firbolg 5e bringing on a reclusive race to the giant-kin who is indeed preferred to avoid contact with other sentient races. These are of course for the reason considered most intelligent and even powerful. These resemble humans and specifically, the males would sport great with thick beards. Their skin is quite thick and tough with a fleshy pink colour.

 The hair is red or blonde in color and is worn long with the voice quite deep and smooth. They tend to roll their consonants when speaking. These are typically over 10 feet tall with an average of height about 10.5 feet. They are the inhabitants of other worlds weighing more than 800 pounds.

Those are of the faerun were lighter with males being about 650 pounds and females about 500 pounds. These firbolgs 5e are strong enough of the mooshae leles and are said to be quite ugly.

Discovering the abilities

The average firbolg is considered stronger than a forest bear and it’s beyond sheet physical strength. They had innate magical abilities and are said to be resistant to magic. This is because of their power to sense the presence of magical auras innately.

They do have the power to change their physical appearance which includes even making themselves larger and smaller whenever they want. They sometimes also use the magical power to blend or interact with smaller races.

It’s their vision which stands excellent at night and can also help them see in the dark. There are some sages who claimed that the firbolgs had regenerative abilities and other sages reportedly say that the firbolgs could make themselves turn invisible.

They are also said to be communicative with limited effect for both plants and animals of their forest homes.

Firbolg 5e Statistics

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Firbolg 5e Appearance

Average Height 10’6″ – 11’4″ (3.2–3.5 m)
Average Weight610–710 lbs. (280–320 kg)
Hairstyle Thick beards

Firbolg 5e General Info

VisionLow-light vision, Normal Vision
Average LifespanUp to 500 years
Homeland’sFeywild, Remote regions of Faerûn, Ice Spires
Language’sCommon, Giant, Elven
Favored TerrainHills, forests


It takes about 2 years for a female Firbolg to give birth to the child.

Their personality

As being mentioned in the firbolg 5th edition, they enjoy their quite time in the woods which is maintained with a harmony with nature. The forests were sacred to them and that symbolizes the heart of the earth and the adaptability of life.

They saw themselves as the forests caretakers. Then the firebolgs of different worlds might have had tendencies to different kinds of alignments. These might be like that of faerun which are usually lawful good present in an alignment although they are seen unholy and being creature by other giants because of the sin of the goddess othea.

The firebolgs 5e considered greed to be one of the worst vices. They believed that one should only ever take what one needs and no more. They saw no value in material wealth such as gens and gold, but sometimes would find prankish ways to taking valuables from strangers out of a sense of fun.

Fireblogs believed that the charity was a virtue but also believed that it was harmful for the recipient to know the identity of the provider because of this they appeared to be reclusive amongst the other races.

They were very sociable with some established friends and were extremely honest and could not lie without feeling physical discomfort even if the lie was by omission. They tend to be over confident and even fearless except for a pervasive phobia of humanoid mobs.

They are seen wearing the armor as cowardly and hence did not usually wear the armor not they do carry any shields. The firbolgs were cautious and shrewd in their dealing with outsiders. They distrusted most humans and demihumans.

 They do set themselves among the non giants as they were neutral with druids, elves and fey.  They are considered good on terms with storm giants whom they looked up to and tried to emulate but at the same time they avoided other giant races and actively fought against the other giant kin.

Its society

In the Firbolg 5th Edition,it is said that the firbolg 5e are family centered, clan based society and live in settlements across the remote hills or the forested areas. Their settlements are strong holds including the wooden structures built from the trees around them.

These are designed with defensive towers with catwalk between them. They inhabited the cavern complexes dug into the hillsides. They used their magic to ensure that their homes remained a complete secret to the outsiders.

These clan settlements are quite small withholding between about four and sixteen members, often with a shaman or druid and lived separate from each other. A few firebolg clans are considered nomadic and their typical home is made up of huge one story log building with strong walls. The large fireplace with multiple opening warmed a central common room.

The care takers of woods are carefully and resourcefully lived off the land, making sure to ensure balance. During summer, they stored excess nuts, fruits and berries so that they could provide food to the forest animals during the winter.

Although they did farm, it was only to supplement their diets, they preferred a more hunter gatherer lifestyle, rather than the brigand/ raider lifestyle of many other giants. The hunting grounds were usually spread out in a 20 mile radius from their clan homes. They ate small portions of meat with most of the meals and then keep the reserved large roasts of meat for special celebrations.

The firbolg tribes preferred isolation from other races, avoiding their politics and struggles. When the intruders entered their territory, they would usually try an indirect approach at causing the invaders to leave driving game away to discourage hunters or even redirecting streams or forest trails to confuse parties.

 They seemed to have a natural tendency towards druidic magics and many of the chieftains were thus druids. Others became rangers or fighters. Other adventuring vocations were rare, fire bolg monks were rare and were completely unknown.

 It’s about 5 % of firbolgs encountered were shamans. Firbolg 5e had a rough form of democracy known as the “the cast”. This involves summoning all the firbolgs in a tribe who they would cast their vote on an issue by using a rune engraved stone.